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Britain Starts Trials for Europe’s 1st COVID-19 Vaccine

OXFORD, ENGLAND — The University of Oxford has initiated human trials for the first COVID-19 vaccine in Europe, according to the BBC.


Citing the university, BBC reports on April 23 that the experimental COVID-19 vaccine takes the coronavirus’s genetic material and inserts the substance into adenoviruses that are responsible for the common cold.

The cold viruses are weakened so that they cannot grow inside the human body after injection.”

The modified viruses should make the human cells produce the same spike proteins that stud the surface of the coronaviruses and teach the immune system to recognize COVID-19.

When vaccine recipients actually encounter the coronavirus, their bodies’ immune system would then be able to identify the threat and scramble antibodies and killer T cells to fight off the infection.

At the time of report, two volunteers have received the shot, out of around 800 recruited for the first phase human trial.

Citing the doctors, the BBC reports potential side effects include headache, fever and muscle pains a couple of days after the injection.


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