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COVID-19 vaccine trials begin in Seattle

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Bill Radke talks coronavirus and the Washington state legislature with Allison Williams of Seattle Met, Charles Mudede of The Stranger, and D.J. Wilson of Washington State Wire and State of Reform.

California and New York are now requiring people to stay at home because of the coronavirus outbreak. New York Governor Andrew Cuomo said non-compliance may result in fines or summonses. How does Washington state’s response compare?

Also this week, the first coronavirus vaccine trial for humans started. Participants received their first dose at the Kaiser Permanente Washington Research Institute, but a vaccine isn’t expected until next year.

And a study commissioned by the Seattle Chamber of Commerce says about 40 percent of the 2 million jobs in King, Pierce and Snohomish counties will likely see temporary layoffs or wage reductions.

Finally, the Washington state legislature has adjourned its session. They passed funding for the outbreak, as well as centralized background checks, comprehensive sex education, a plastic bag ban, and a tax break repeal for Boeing.

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