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10 million Americans cast their ballots in the presidential election, Obama urges Democrats to vote massively for Biden

Early voting operations began in the US state of Texas today, Wednesday, in the presidential elections scheduled for the third of next November.

Recent CBS polls show that President Donald Trump and his Democratic opponent, Joe Biden, have equally favored 49 percent of voters in this state, which no Democratic candidate has won since 1976.

Early voting was launched in Georgia state on Tuesday, and electoral data showed that more than 10 million voters have so far cast their votes through early voting and by mail, compared to about 1.4 million during the same period in the 2016 elections.

According to semi-official data, the turnout in the states of Wisconsin, Virginia, Minnesota, South Dakota and Vermont exceeded 20% of the total turnout in the last presidential election.

President Donald Trump had expressed on more than one occasion his opposition to voting by mail, considering that it was a precursor to fraud Wide, accusations that Democrats reject.

Former US President Barack Obama urged Democrats to vote massively for Biden (Reuters)

Obama supports Biden
In turn, former US President Barack Obama – who is still very popular with the Democrats – on Tuesday released video recordings urging a massive vote for the party’s candidate, Joe Biden.

“Too many things are at stake in this election,” Obama said in the recordings, directed individually to 24 states.

The messages from Obama – the first black president of the United States – dominate the ideological pragmatism, in which he specified voting options, and referred supporters to the Democratic Party’s electronic voting site, Iwill Foot.

And an opinion poll prepared by Reuters in cooperation with Ipsos Research, on Tuesday, showed that Democratic Party candidate Joe Biden maintained a remarkable lead over President Trump in Michigan, but the competition between the two is very close in North Carolina.

Reuters / Ipsos polled potential voters in six states, including Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Michigan, North Carolina, Florida and Arizona, which will play a pivotal role in determining whether Trump will win a second term or Biden reach the White House.

During the poll – which was conducted from the seventh to the 13th of October this year – Biden’s approval rating was 51% compared to 43% for Trump, and these results are similar to what they were last week.

Trump reviews
In turn, Trump returned to continue his election campaign from Florida last Monday, in his first official election rally since he was infected with the Coronavirus, assuring to a crowd of his supporters that he was “very strong.”

“I skipped it, and now they say I have immunity” to the emerging corona virus, Trump chanted to the crowds gathered in Sanford (Florida), determined to prove his tumultuous return to the race.

And he added – to the laughter of his supporters – “I can walk through this crowd, kiss the whole audience, kiss beautiful men and women.”

Just a week after his discharge from the hospital, Trump appeared energetic in delivering his speech, which lasted more than an hour, in which he did not spare any of his usual electoral goals except and attacked him, from “hustler Hillary” Clinton to “corrupt” press, with severe warnings of the dangers The “Radical Left and the Socialist Nightmare”.

“I love Florida,” shouted Trump, wooing residents of the state that could play a decisive role in the upcoming presidential election, disregarding the polls that all predict his defeat by Biden.

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