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10 new opportunities to improve your financial situation during the Corona pandemic

The repercussions of the Coronavirus in the past few months have been very devastating, even if you did not personally experience the catastrophic loss of a member of your family or business, it is possible that the deteriorating situation the economy is going through at the moment is still affecting your money and income.

Writer John Ramton said – in an article published by the US site “Entrepreneur” – that there are many ways to help you earn money during the outbreak of this epidemic and avoid the financial crisis.

1. Take advantage of the work required in the current situation

During the early days of the pandemic, business owners adapted to the situation imposed by the Coronavirus, and went to meet new customer demands. For example, distilleries have sold hand sanitizer, and clothing manufacturers have produced masks. However, there are other in-demand businesses that you can launch, among them are:

● Cleaning services: After the lockdown was lifted, the demand for cleaning services increased as more places reopened.

Distance education: e-learning has become in demand, after traditional educational institutions have become a source of threat to the spread of the virus

Entertainment: If you have an interesting app idea, there is still room to enter this market in this period.

● Pharmaceutical instruments and medical equipment: Coronavirus is definitely a spotlight on this industry, and you still have opportunities to start investing in medical tools.

Remote health care delivery: Providing telehealth has become one of the basic businesses that have spread in 2020 due to the reality imposed by the epidemic.

● Logistics: The outbreak has undoubtedly disrupted the supply chain, and there may be an opportunity for you to help solve this problem.

● Contactless technology: These technologies are becoming increasingly popular in order to prevent the spread of germs.

● Digital transfers: This service is easy and practical, and it contributes to limiting the spread of the virus by touching banknotes and coins.

There is a demand for e-learning after educational institutions have become a threat to the spread of the virus (Pixels)

2. Sell your own things

The writer stated that he got rid of his own things that he no longer needed, by selling them and earning extra money for them, as he mentioned that he was able to sell his old smartphones and tablets on commercial websites.

In fact, even if your electronic devices are not usable, you can still sell them, and thus you will get paid by check, PayPal, or an Amazon gift card.

3. Searching for part-time work

Whether it’s with a local grocery store or a multi-storey store, these stores still need the manpower to re-stack the shelves and stock up on items, and no matter what responsibilities you cater to, part-time jobs are flexible and a surefire way to make money.

5. Share your skills and experiences

If you are skilled in accounting, law, or even real estate, you can work with aid sites as a customer service agent, virtual assistant, accountant or graphic designer, and in most cases you can earn between $ 12 and $ 20 an hour.

6. Meet others’ needs

The author advised to rely on pizza delivery, or join companies that provide home delivery, and you can also provide services such as shopping for someone, as this method enables you to easily earn some money every month.

4. Childcare services

Parents need someone to take care of their children who remain at home alone after going to work, so this is a great opportunity to earn money in this period, as you can convert your home into a nursery, or move to the intended home to provide care for children.

You can turn your home into a nursery or move to a home intended to provide care for children (Pixabay)

7. Money for opinions

There are online survey sites that pay you to give your opinion on an issue, which usually takes only two minutes to complete, and the fee ranges between $ 3 and $ 35 per survey.

8. Redeem rewards points

You can take advantage of your credit card rewards, many of which are linked to travel, hotel discounts, and car rentals, and since you don’t travel much, it is likely that you are not redeeming these rewards that should be exploited and taken advantage of.

9. Reducing subscriptions expenses

You are likely enjoying some extra time these days, so you can get your budget back in order, you need to identify the reasons why you are wasting your hard-earned money. By doing this, you can cancel any unnecessary subscriptions or memberships at this time.

10. Invest wisely

The stock market is volatile during this period, however you are able to invest safely. For example, bonds provide you with protection against stocks, which can provide additional income, and the same is true for mutual funds. In the meantime, it is advisable to avoid long-term bonds to reduce the risk of losing money due to inflation, and you can invest in stocks instead.

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