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11 countries are now using people’s phones to track the coronavirus pandemic, and it heralds a massive increase in surveillance

11 countries are now using people’s phones to track the coronavirus pandemic, and it heralds a massive increase in surveillance

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  1. Very sneaky. Watch them get all quiet about it when the outbreak is over.

  2. AFAIK in Switzerland they use the cell tower data to see if there are gatherings of more people than allowed.


  3. Let’s be honest. They have been doing that for years. We just realized it

  4. I find it equally amazing and horrifying what you [can do](https://twitter.com/TectonixGEO/status/1242628347034767361) with some of these data sets.

  5. For Singapore: people are encouraged to install the app but not forced to. They are also very transparent with how the app works and what data is collected…and more importantly, what data is actually sent. You can check the website: https://www.tracetogether.gov.sg/

    Sure, you can always make the argument that they do more than they tell, but that’s true either way.

  6. It’s not like Google and Apple weren’t tracking your phone’s before this ever started

  7. This data has always existed: your phone has a GPS, its location can be triangulated using cell towers, and the combination of those two plus data gathering means the location of pretty much every stationary WiFi spot is known, as well. It’s a bit naive to believe that location tracking suddenly just started because of Coronavirus.

  8. Well I’m not surprised. After 9/11 it took only 2 weeks for hundreds of pages of surveillance legal documents to be written and presented. It’s still in use today.

    Instead of creating law to prevent the ineptitude of government officials in the executive branch, they created a law to spy on citizens and used a tragedy to justify it.

    This is all a power grab. And powerful governments rarely give it up willingly.

  9. Which countries do they actually track individuals in?

  10. As long as it isn´t mandatory to have a phone with you, you´ll be fine. Is it that simple?

  11. Look, the truth is surveillance is a neutral practice. If the data is used for good things, then it’s good. If the data is misused or miss handled or leaked, then it’s bad.

    It is protections and regulations we should be focusing on, because the surveillance itself is inevitable and, functionally, neutral.

  12. That was the plan all along.

  13. Now I kind of hope I don’t survive the pandemic 🙁

    Look up Predictive Analytics and consider how a government can apply that model to control and manipulate people using the data they are collecting. You are scared and we will make you safe 😉

  14. It’s cool, just type in “Luscious Fox” once the crisis is over

  15. Probably doesn’t matter, but I keep my gps off always, in fact I have had this phone for over 2 years and never once turned on gps. Mobile data is only on when I’m on reddit (which is most waking hours) or playing poker which is only a couple times a week.

  16. They are using the Batman machine!!

  17. Beware the swords you forge.

  18. Google tracks everyone with an Android device anyhow, so does Apple with iPhones.

  19. I prefer a surveillance to enforce quarantine than a confinement, especially because it is more efficient https://youtu.be/gxAaO2rsdIs

  20. So don’t have a phone with you? Ok yeah nevermind

  21. More than ever, I leave my phone at home.

  22. It’s so unfortunate that a poor nation such as the US doesn’t have the tech infrastructure to do something like this. If only we had tech companies in the private sector who could help make this happen in a matter of days.

  23. Almost all 180, even the good guys Russia China must be doing it, coz right now u just have to. But the citizens of the bad guys, namely israel usa england saudi, theyre reaaaly scared.

  24. Ok just leave it at home….

    We act like a god damn cell phone is required to breathe oxygen or something.

  25. If people obeyed the stay at home and social distance directives this would not be required.

  26. I hope people in Poland tell the authorities to go fuck themselves.

  27. People up in arms about privacy when it’s being used to prevent the deaths of thousands of people

  28. Monitor me, i have nothing to hide. Use that data to improve systems and understand trends and patterns better, make good use of it. There is no going back on this whether we like it or not.

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