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11 players paint a soccer ball in the King’s Cup

Spanish club Sevilla decided its qualification for the quarter-finals of the King of Spain after its 3-0 victory over Valencia on Wednesday, in a match that witnessed a remarkable goal.

The second goal scored by Dutch striker Luc de Jong came in the 33rd minute, after a series of passes with the participation of all the team’s players, even the goalkeeper.

According to the network “Opta” of football statistics, the goal came after 37 passes between 11 players from Seville, which is the best number in matches this season for the Spanish League teams in all competitions.

Sports media and singers praised the beautiful goal, as most of them described it as the goal that is taught in the method of moving from defense to attack under the pressure of the opponent without losing the ball, and scoring the goal after a number of correct passes without any error.

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