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16-year-old girl becomes France’s youngest coronavirus victim

16-year-old girl becomes France’s youngest coronavirus victim

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  1. >The teenage girl named Julie A died in Paris, becoming the youngest French victim of the disease that more often afflicts the elderly or people with underlying health conditions.

    >“It’s unbearable,” the girl’s mother Sabine told AFP by phone from her home in the Parisian suburbs. “We were meant to have an ordinary life.”

    >A week ago, Julie developed a mild cough but on Saturday she began to feel short of breath, her mother said.

    >She underwent scans in hospital and several tests for COVID-19, the disease first detected in China late last year that has now killed more than 23,000 worldwide.

    >Her condition deteriorated and her death was announced on Thursday, with health officials emphasising that severe cases are very rare in young people.

    >“From the start, we were told that the virus doesn’t affect young people. We believed it, like everyone else,” Sabine said. Her daughter had no known underlying health problems

  2. She had taken three covid19 tests, two came back negative, then later one came back positive.

  3. Any death is a tragedy, regardless of the victim’s age.

    But these headlines about younger victims serve a purpose. They remind us that age, health, the fact the we run/work out/whatever X times a week does not make us immune. And therefore all of us need to follow distancing and isolation guidelines.

  4. Young people will die – they are not immune to the disease. However, it is important to stress that this is a rare case and there is no reason to panic over these news of young people passing away. If you want to have a look at the actual numbers in regards to lethality and age, I have compiled them here: https://www.reddit.com/r/Coronavirus/comments/fpzr5p/mortalityrates_based_on_age_sample_size_164805/?ref=share&ref_source=link

  5. Yeah we have to improve the quality of the tests for sure. She was tested 3 times before one came back positive. How can we believe any of the numbers that come out to be accurate when the tests aren’t even all that accurate or sensitive?

  6. Fuck… that is really sad. I just hope that this won’t happen often, just too early to go…

  7. The only thing saying “young people don’t get affected” has done is that you get tons of morons (ie, teenagers, by definition) defying the quarantine / curfew that we have in place. Which means more fucking spreading.
    I mean, it’s 135€ if you get caught outside without good reason, but still, morons are gonna be morons, no matter where in the world.

    If anything, this poor girl’s death might hopefully prevent more later. Hopefully.

  8. I am so sorry. No words. A hug from Italy to France.

  9. >“From the start, we were told that the virus doesn’t affect young people. We believed it, like everyone else,”

    Not to be a dick but that was never the information. The idea was that it was the elderly that were at the greatest risk of *dying* from it, and everyone extrapolated what they wanted from that.

    There was never any kind of official information that young people shouldn’t worry, and definitely not that it “doesn’t affect” young people, which is why we’ve been ridiculing young people for ignoring caution this whole time.

    Yes it is surprising and sad that a 16 year old has died from the virus, but it’s never been out of the realm of possibility.


    If you need information on how to view the virus, here’s all you need regardless of your age:

    You do not want to get it yourself, and you do not want to pass it to others. Act like it.

  10. Maybe she had an underlying health condition or maybe she didn’t. This is a new virus that your immune system has never dealt with before. Your prognosis is very much dependent on your body’s response to an unknown threat. Some people might not have any symptoms because their body deals with it quickly and efficiently or perhaps it doesn’t even detect anything wrong (kinda worrisome if you’re not having symptoms simply because your body isn’t fighting the virus). Others might have very severe symptoms because their body has a violent reaction to the virus. I think the narrative that only “at-risk” people might succumb to this virus may need to be revisited. Certainly a strong immune system should help your chances significantly, but it still is a bit like Russian roulette, albeit with less bullets in the chambers.

  11. I’m not one for prayer, but losing a child… there are no words anyone can say that is going to help that family heal. And my heart aches for them, because I know how it feels. Be safe everyone.

  12. >”From the start, we were told that the virus doesn’t affect young people.”

    Nobody worth listening to has ever said that. They only ever said that young people were much lower risk, because literally anyone can die from pneumonia. It really sucks, but ‘low risk’ is not the same as ‘no risk’ 🙁

  13. I would be interested how vaping affects Patienten with Corona and if it could explain auch cases.

  14. Just a reminder to those panicking:

    Just because she seemed healthy doesn’t mean she didn’t have an undiagnosed condition.

    Even if she was perfectly healthy, the chances of dying from corona virus for someone under 50 is basically the same as the flu – very very unlikely.

  15. Sad, there is always an exception to the rule.

  16. And yet people won’t take the coronavirus seriously

  17. Theres a reason this is made the news because it’s super rare but it’s still scary.

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