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3 Australia Wildfires Officially Just Merged into a ‘Mega-Blaze’: The long-feared convergence is reportedly more than three times bigger than any fire ever recorded in California.

3 Australia Wildfires Officially Just Merged into a ‘Mega-Blaze’: The long-feared convergence is reportedly more than three times bigger than any fire ever recorded in California.

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  1. That truly sounds like hell on earth.

    Some of the earlier videos of the fires were shocking already. The speed and power with which these things progress, damn

  2. Wow. Anyone know how long these fires are expected to go on?

  3. How does this even end? Until there’s nothing left to burn? Would they rain season even put a dent in fires like this? How does the country even begin to recover from something like this?

  4. Listen carefully you environmental criminals. We don’t want these things done by 2050, 2030 or even 2021, we want this done now – as in right now. We are in a climate emergency.And in this new decade, every day will be crucial. I write with 20 other young activists from around the world, telling companies, banks, institutions and governments to abandon the fossil fuel economy. **our patience has limits!!!**

  5. Is there any good satellite pictures of the country as of right now?

  6. This is the best tl;dr I could make, [original](https://www.vice.com/en_us/article/akwgag/3-australia-wildfires-officially-just-merged-into-a-mega-blaze) reduced by 88%. (I’m a bot)
    > The so-called mega-blaze formed late Friday when a "Finger" of the East Ournie Creek blaze, which had merged with another fire earlier in the week, connected with the Dunns Road fire near the border between New South Wales and Victoria, Rural Fire Service spokesman Anthony Clark told the Sydney Morning Herald.

    > The blaze is the second mega-fire of the ongoing crisis, following the Gospers Mountain "Mega-fire", which was ignited by a lightning strike in October and by December had merged with other fires to consume an area seven times the size of Singapore.

    > So far the fires have destroyed 39,770 square miles, an area more than ten times the size of that burned in either the California wildfires of 2018 or last year's fires in the Amazon.

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  7. As a resident of so cal, I cannot fathom a fire that large. As a son of a CA firefighter who spent every summer fighting wild land fires, I can only begin to fathom how scared the families of those men and women on the front lines.

    e. for typo

  8. I had to calculate the size of this fire to square kilometers. This fire is as big as the country of Iceland. What the actual fuck..

    Edit: the fire has destroyed a surface area the size of Iceland. I converted the wrong number.

  9. Annnnd scott morrison just denied firefighter help from denmark..

  10. Keep voting for conservatives if you want to die. Idiots.

  11. On the bright side , two years from now Australia will have a state of the art electric rail put in.

  12. No such thing as climate change, tho.

  13. 2nd megablaze this fire season

    First Gospers Mountain now this

  14. And it really doesn’t matter a whit what Australia does at this point. Let them stop burning all fossil fuels tomorrow and become the greenest, most energy renewable country in the world and nothing will change, because what they are experiencing now is due to the current level of C02 in the atmosphere which is going to continue increasing faster than anything Australia could possible do to slow it down. So it is going to get worse for Australia. And to all the schadenfreude countries in the world thinking “so sorry, stralia, (glad you aren’t me)”, their time will come too.

  15. I guess that’s more serious than an unofficial merge …

  16. WTF, Satan playing Match-3 now?

  17. That looks like movie Terminator:Judgement day opening credits scene

  18. This kinda reminds me about that one George Carlin stand up in which he makes up an apocalyptic firestorm that gets worse and worse that ravages the country.

  19. > the country reached its hottest ever temperature, at 41.9°C last month

    That’s the average. The hottest ever recorded temperature is over 50°C.

    It was 48°C in Penrith last month.

  20. There is no fire in Ba Sing Se.

  21. It is so big now that it’s like a continuous burning Megaton nuke… And maybe it would require something as powerful as an actual *nuke* to destroy all that combustible material surrounding it to prevent the fire spreading even further, which is “fighting fire with fire”…?

    In a [Swedish forest fire in 2018 missiles were used](https://www.thelocal.se/20180725/watch-swedish-fighter-jets-drop-bombs-on-forest-fire) to destroy combustible material to stop the fire from spreading

    Using [controlled burn](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Controlled_burn) to prevent wildfires is controversial and risky, especially when it’s extremely, extremely dry like it has been in Australia. But it’s something that will increasingly have to be done to prevent more catastrophic ones.

  22. Now is not the time to talk about it …. all is well

    But what we can talk about is keeping our troops in Iraq


  23. Yo, Australia, chill. You’re making the world hotter for the rest of us.

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