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4 enemies of coffee depriving you of its magical taste

The thick golden foam and striking flavor make the daily cup of coffee an uncompromising ritual for millions of people around the world, after they became dependent on its caffeine-rich content to raise the level of energy and vitality, as well as the health benefits of coffee and its possible link with a lower death rate, with the protection it provides against disease. Diabetes, liver disease, heart attacks and strokes, according to the Mayo Clinic medical site.

But there are those who are looking for the taste by following the steps that lead to improving their coffee, starting with the purchase where great coffee starts with great beans, then roasting well-roasted coffee is necessary for a high-quality cup, as well as short-term storage to keep the coffee fresh and delicious, right up to grinding at a time. Prepare for maximum freshness, as advised by the American National Coffee Association (Ncausa).

Taking into account the reduction of sugar, there is no objection to adding natural flavors, milk and healthy fats as desired, in a way that enhances the health and taste features .. Here are seven steps to raise the level of your daily coffee.

1. Correct storage maximizes freshness and flavor

Storing the coffee beans properly may not affect health, but it can definitely affect taste, said Dr. Abby Moore in her recommendations for improving coffee on the MBG website.

And because freshness is essential to obtaining a high-quality cup of coffee, experts advise to buy a quantity of freshly roasted beans sufficient to consume one to two weeks only, (coffee is often sold in bags of 250 grams and suffices to make about 15 cups), because it begins to lose its freshness quickly after roasting. .

To preserve the fresh roasting flavor and maximize freshness for as long as possible, store your beans properly in an opaque, airtight container at room temperature, to keep them from their four enemies: air, moisture, heat and light. Fine coffee beans are worthless if they are misused.

2. Dark roasting is better

Psychiatrist and nutritionist Uma Naidu advises buying fresh, dark-roasted coffee beans, “because dark roasting supports brain health, as compared to light or medium roasting. Dark roasted beans contain the lowest levels of acrylamide.”

Acrylamide is a chemical that is formed when coffee beans are roasted. “It can inhibit neurotransmission, destroy dopamine neurons, and increase stress,” and thus it is best avoided by darker roasting to protect the health of our brains.

Also according to the National Coffee Association, dark roasting for at least 4 minutes, “produces shiny black beans with an oily surface and pronounced bitterness. The darker the roasting, the less acidity the coffee drink.”

3. Milling setting time

Coffee grower Margaret Nyamumbo – a third-generation coffee grower in Kenya and founder of the Kahawa 1893 Company (Kahawa 1893) – says, “Buying whole coffee beans and grinding them fresh every day is the best way to improve the flavor of coffee.” Ground coffee loses its flavor very quickly and becomes stale, while the whole grain preserves its flavor for a longer period, which extends the shelf life of the coffee.

4. Cold coffee for a healthy stomach

Because “cold coffee has about 65% less acidity than regular hot coffee, making it easier on the digestive tract, and easier for those who suffer from acid reflux,” according to nutritionist Nour Zebda.

Although this does not mean that we have to drink cold coffee all the time, it is a ready alternative for sensitive stomachs.

5. Small doses save your energy

Do not drink two full cups of coffee in the early morning, but on the contrary, gastroenterologist Dr. Marvin Singh advises you to stick to small doses of it, and he guarantees that it will help you eliminate unwanted stress in the afternoon, and will give you reinforcement Necessary throughout the day.

“If it takes about 60 to 100 mg of caffeine to reach optimum energy, why not drink it in small doses, about 10 mg each time, to preserve and build up your energy over time,” Singh says.

6. Add the vegetable “milk” and the spices

If you do not tolerate black coffee, and are sensitive at the same time to soy or dairy products, nutritionist Marissa Moore advises you to try almond milk, oatmeal or coconut, or any plant-based “milk”.

She says that “these alternatives can be beneficial for those who suffer from allergies or follow a vegetarian diet,” and make them taste good, especially in “latte” coffee.

Mixing a little cinnamon, fresh vanilla beans, cardamom or nutmeg in your ground coffee adds a touch of flavor and makes your coffee taste richer, according to Stylecaster.

7. There is nothing wrong with some heavy toppings

Adding an amount of vegetable butter or coconut oil to your coffee may increase concentration and stabilize energy levels for a longer period. You can also try with high-quality dark roast coffee a scoop of “gelato” or vanilla ice cream, to add a creamy and wonderful taste to your coffee, especially If you decorate your creations with a sprig of mint and drizzle of chocolate, according to Cartacoffee blogger.

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