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4 obstacles in January obstruct Atletico Madrid’s way to winning the Spanish League title

This January is full of obstacles that may hinder the path of LaLiga leaders Atletico Madrid in their quest to win the Spanish Football League title.

The start was with the penalty inflicted on his English defender Kieran Trippier, then the sudden departure of his striker Diego Costa, while a storm “Philomena” disrupted the leader’s career.

With temperatures below zero, and snow falling on the Spanish capital, this led to the postponement of the team’s home game against Athletic Bilbao last Saturday, and also caused the team’s inability to train properly since then.

Despite the team’s exit from the King’s Cup, Atletico Madrid still has 3 games postponed in the race to win the title, but the capital’s team seeks to avoid the accumulation of matches, which could cause fatigue and disrupt their career.

The unusual winter weather came after the FA’s decision to suspend Trippier for 10 weeks, and ban him from practicing all football activities, which was approved by FIFA, while Costa demanded to leave the team 6 months before the end of his contract.

Atletico Madrid showed its desire not to miss the opportunity to win the title by searching for another striker instead of Costa, and media reports in Spain said on Monday that the club was close to signing Lyon striker Moussa Dembele.

The 24-year-old striker scored 47 goals in his first two seasons in France, but he is suffering this season after scoring only one goal in 16 matches he played.

Atletico coach Diego Simeone sees Dembele as the player who can lead the offensive line alone without Luis Suarez, and he is also seen as the attacking partner of the Uruguayan player.

Costa did not make a remarkable appearance with the team before leaving this month, but Simeone feels that the team still needs another striker to score goals so that he can continue the road until the end of the season.

Dembele began his career in the youth teams in Paris Saint-Germain, before playing for Fulham, England.

After that, Dembley traveled to the north, where he played for Celtic, scoring 54 goals, before moving to Lyon.

And the exit of Atletico Madrid from the Cup may not be considered a crisis for the team, especially with the presence of several other matches the team will play, and there is a feeling that sufficing the competition for the title of the League and the Champions League will not harm the team.

“We will see how we can find solutions if we were here next season,” said Simeone after the defeat in the King’s Cup.

Simeone’s comments sparked a lot of speculation about his future with the team, and he also repeated his words in other conferences, saying, “Football cannot be expected, and we must be open to all possibilities. One must be receptive to anything the club decides.”

No one believes that Simeone’s position at Atlético de Madrid has been threatened, with the team at the top of the competition.

Tuesday’s Seville confrontation will not be easy, as Julene Lopetegui’s team managed to draw 2-2 with Atlético at the Metropolitano Stadium, the last time they visited Atlético last season, before the decision was made to close in Spain.

Since it was decided that football matches would be played without fans attending, Atletico Madrid have become the only team in Spain that has not lost at home.

If he wins Tuesday’s match, Atletico will move 4 points away from second-placed Real Madrid, and the team has two postponed matches, and despite the team’s suffering this January, it is on the right track.

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