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5 expected scenarios for chaos on the day of Biden’s inauguration .. Will the Congress scene be repeated?

The scene of supporters of outgoing President Donald Trump storming Congress does not appear to be the latest expected violence. Although what happened that day was imprinted in the memory of Americans as a scene that the United States is not used to at all, many reports indicate that this scene may not be the last in light of the threats that have been revealed in the past days.

Numerous US security and intelligence agencies issued reports on plans by armed groups intending to carry out attacks on government institutions and buildings before and during the inauguration day, some of which amounted to assassinations of officials.

In this report we list the most important of these schemes:

Scenario (1): Targeting government officials and making bombs and weapons

  • The US network “NBC” revealed that extremist right-wing groups are calling for targeting government officials on the day of Biden’s inauguration, noting that these groups use encrypted messages and secret chat rooms to coordinate with each other.
  • The network quoted Defense Research Center head of research, Chris Sampson, as saying that his team is following up on these messages and the FBI has been notified about them.
  • Extremists ’appetite for the Telegram application increased in light of the restrictions imposed on them on Twitter and other platforms after the events of the storming of Congress on January 6, and a number of them shared information about how to manufacture bombs and hand weapons.
  • They published a US Army handbook, advice on shooting politicians and incitement to fight.

Scenario (2): Kidnapping and murder

  • The two men who were photographed in the corridors of the Senate building carrying serflex plastic bands were recently arrested: Eric Manchel, 30, and Larry Brooke, 53.
  • The New Yorker magazine said that they are both veterans of the Air Force, and investigators question their intentions regarding these ligaments, and whether they intended, for example, to take congressional officials hostage, or even kill them.
  • The two men were heavily equipped, as Manchil wore trousers and a camouflage military jacket, topped with a protective jacket, and inside the Capitol he wore a black mask that only exposed his eyes, and Brooke was wearing a military helmet during the storming.
  • Lonnie Kaufman, 70, who since 2014 has been calling for violence in social networks through the “Patriots for America” ​​group, found an assault rifle, two pistols and 11 packages of Molotov cocktails.
  • The Bureau of Firearms and Explosives (ATF) concluded that this homemade mixture, could have had the effect of napalm, sticking to objects and skin upon ignition.

Scenario (3): Nancy Pelosi is specifically targeted

  • The FBI announced that in the US capital, Washington, it arrested a man from Georgia over allegations that he threatened to kill House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.
  • According to the arrest warrant published by CBS, the man is called Cleveland Meredith, and he is accused of sending text messages to his family and friends informing them of his intention to harm Pelosi, and that he was bringing weapons and ammunition with him to Washington.
  • In a letter obtained by the FBI, Meredith says he will put a bullet in Pelosi’s head.

Scenario (4): Congress and the White House besieged

  • The Huffington Post reports that Congressional police have warned Democratic lawmakers of three plans for possible massive demonstrations over the coming days, while preparations are underway for President-elect Joe Biden’s inauguration next week.
  • One of the plans includes surrounding Congressional buildings, the White House, and the Supreme Court, and then preventing Democrats from entering Congress, and possibly assassinating them, in order for Republicans to control the government.
  • Police told House Democrats – in a private call Monday evening – that they are monitoring these plots that could pose a threat to lawmakers.
  • According to information published by “ABC”, citing an FBI bulletin, this group plans to go to Washington next Saturday, and plans to organize armed protests, from Saturday in front of the legislative councils in the fifty states, until the day of the inauguration.

Scenario (5): ammunition hidden in hotels

  • According to the French newspaper Liberation, the commando team that stormed the Capitol on January 6, did not make the trip to Washington empty-handed, but rather found in possession of assault rifles, pistols and ammunition in the hotel rooms in which they were staying.
  • The first arrests and indictments brought against these fanatics demonstrate their willingness to implement their plans, which raises questions about their goals in penetrating the Capitol and their thirst for violence.
  • The profiles of these attackers illustrate the different ideologies of Donald Trump’s supporters, ranging from conspiracy belief to supremacy of whites and reverence for American freedom.

What will the police do?

  • Security officials in the United States confirm that they will not allow a repeat of what happened on January 6, when thousands of Trump supporters stormed the Congress building during the Congress vote on the outcome of the presidential elections issued by the American electoral college.
  • Chad Wolf, the acting US Secretary of the Interior said that he instructed the US Secret Service to start special operations next Wednesday for Biden’s inauguration, which comes 6 days before this important event.
  • The American Secretary indicated that issuing these instructions for early action comes “in light of the events that occurred last week and the developments that appear in the security scene.”
  • Officials said that about 15,000 National Guard personnel may be at the site to secure the presidential inauguration.

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