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5 Reasons Why Will Smith Has Been Hollywood’s Most Popular Star

Today Will Smith is 51 years old, 35 of which he worked in the entertainment industry, he moved between music, television, cinema and now YouTube, he gave content to the delight of millions, and he deserved to win 4 times a Grammy Award, two Oscar nominations and 5 Golden Globe nominations.

But in addition to the great critical and material success, Smith is considered one of the most beloved stars alive at the present time, he was able to attract audiences from all parts of the world and speakers of all languages, and today on his birthday we talk about the reasons that confirmed his stardom and his broad fans.

Fidelity to his hobbies

Smith’s attachment to the art world began since he was 12 years old, as he used to sing rap songs in his small room, and when it came time to choose between studying at a prestigious university and art, he chose the latter, and decided to turn his back on everything that might hinder him from his future as an upcoming rapper.

Indeed, in 1985, Smith established a team with his childhood friend “Jazzy Jeff” and they performed a few songs, one of which was a great success for him before he even graduated from high school, and the content of his songs was different from popular rap songs, as he moved away from mentioning drugs and sexual relations as it is. He is accustomed to these songs in the 1980s, and he performed songs with cute, funny and different lyrics.

The duo quickly released their first album in 1986, titled “The Fresh Prince” and won a Grammy Award nomination for the first time in 1989 for the song “Parents Just Don’t Understand” that they released in 1988. He subsequently received several nominations for the same award during his career, and despite his transformation into acting in film and television, he still retains his identity as an international rapper.

The coolest teenager

Smith’s rapid success as a rapper did not make him stay in the same place for long, so he presented his most famous series “The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air”, which began its show in 1990, and presented a character that combines imagination and reality, as he is a young teenager He is from Philadelphia, but because of his violent quarrel in his city, his parents move him to live with his wealthy uncle in Bel Air, where many funny problems occur because of the wide differences between the society in which he lived and the luxury class that he is now a member of.

The series achieved great success and lasted for six years over the course of 148 episodes, during which Will Smith was able to provide an iconic role for the light-shaded teen who still remembered all the people of the eighties and nineties around the world today.

Between action and comedy

After he achieved great success in television and before him in rap singing, the next moment of transition in Smith’s career came, and that to cinema, where during the second half of the nineties and the beginning of the millennium he presented a large group of the most famous films that viewers still remember until now.

Here, Smith moved from the role of a funny, sweet teen to a strong, attractive, light-hearted man, starting with “Bad Boys” and then “Independence Day”, which was the highest-grossing movie in 1996, and continuing along this path by offering different roles. Which cemented his great attraction and made him settle in hearts and become one of the most famous stars of his generation, with surprising smoothness.

Diversity and distance from stalemate

Smith’s films achieved the highest revenues, and he received award nominations. This was not the end, and he did not stay at the same point for long. Rather, he always followed the same behavior, which is to move in search of more success and enjoyment for himself for his audience, so he presented famous biographical films, including his film “Ali” ( Ali, in which he played the role of boxing star Muhammad Ali Clay, animated films, and dramatic films, the most famous of which is “The Pursuit of Happyness” and received two Oscar nominations for these two roles.

And when times changed and we became in a more modern world, he presented films to international platforms such as Netflix, moved between cinematic genres, and also became a YouTube star, with a channel bearing his name and more than 8 million subscribers from around the world, during which he presented various videos on a regular basis, to reach his audience In various ways.

The nicest family man

Although he presented the attractive multi-relationship boy role several times during his film career, Smith is on the contrary in his personal life. He has been married since 1997 to actress “Jada Pinkett”. This relationship, which Smith described in an interview, is inseparable and will have his support until death.

This long relationship and their constant appearances with their children contributed to the creation of a mental image of Smith in the public as a loyal, gentle family man, which kept him largely out of the realm of rumors.

And he contributed to highlighting his good image as well as his varied and permanent charitable work, including the establishment of a primary school, with his wife. In 2010, the Tax Authority announced his donation to this school of $ 1.2 million.

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