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5 trends that will define America during the year 2021

The Axios news site identified 5 trends that it said will determine what the United States will be in 2021, relying on experts in politics, business, technology and media.

The site generally predicted that President-elect Joe Biden would spend the year 2021 trying to return America to what he considers a situation more appropriate to its nature, while he expects – according to this American site – that the outgoing President Donald Trump will increase his attempt to tighten his grip on the Republican Party, all at the time. In which the spread of misinformation and alternative accounts of facts increases.

Axios highlighted the following five trends, as they will characterize the American scene in 2021:

First, Biden is expected to remain for a while, playing the role of someone who is on a small isolated island trying to unify the country, doing everything in his power to restore normalcy in a country where that is no longer possible.

Secondly, Trump is expected to announce that he will run for the presidency again in 2024, which will make him “freeze the Republican Party in its place”, and he does not expect – according to Axios – that this will be imminent, but when it happens, Trump will try to control the Republican National Committee, And thus crushing every potential competitor, which will dampen the hopes of every Republican who was considering running for those elections.

Third, more rumors are expected to spread as an alternative to facts, in a world that is more dependent on speed, momentum and exaggeration and is increasingly disliking facts and reports.

Fourth, the site fears that any real moves to tighten the screws on the major technology companies will come late and do not lead to the desired change, and this is due to the fact that these companies move faster than the regulatory bodies in the Ministry of Justice and others, even when these bodies actively and actively investigate.

Fifthly, Axios points out that the Federal Reserve created an environment in which there is no such thing as risk, which cannot last forever, which is what the site says Wall Street knows from experience.

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