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680 dollars from the British government for every person infected with Corona who self-isolates

Every person in England who tests positive for the coronavirus could be given 500 pounds (about $ 684) to ensure they self-isolate under plans to stop the spread of the virus.

The writers Chris Smith, Stephen Swinford and George Grylls said, in a report published by the British newspaper “The Times”, that the ministers are trying to solve a problem that scientific advisers have always said is an obstacle to controlling the virus. Although paying everyone who tests positive could cost up to two billion pounds a month, it could be limited to those who cannot work from home.

The ministers are scheduled to discuss this issue next week. Conversely, financial support reform appears imminent as the existing payment system has been blamed for prolonging the pandemic by forcing infected people to go to work.

Police could be granted access to health data to enforce the quarantine under the proposals dated January 19, which the Guardian reviewed.

The report stated that Cabinet Office surveys indicate that only 17% of people with symptoms undergo testing. “The desire to avoid self-isolation is currently the biggest obstacle reported to the test request,” the government document said.

Generally, one in 4 people self-isolate for 10 full days, while 15% continue to go to work, according to the figures in the newspaper.

Government surveys that spanned until last summer found low levels of adherence to self-isolation, with continued citations of financial hardship and caring responsibilities.

Health Secretary Matt Hancock is said to prefer the more inclusive option of paying all those who test positive for the virus, at a cost of up to £ 453 million a week. Limiting the payments to those who cannot work from home would cut the cost in half, and restricting it to low-income earners would cost just over 100 million pounds a week.

Under the current system, the report said, low-income people receiving certain benefits would be entitled to a payment of £ 500 if they tested positive or were asked to self-isolate.

Conversely, those ineligible to benefit from this amount can request discretionary grants of £ 500 from the boards. But the £ 15m for the scheme has been running out since last month, and figures this week showed that three-quarters of the requests were rejected.

Professor of Health Psychology at University College London, Robert West, said that throughout the epidemic, about 30% of people who show symptoms have been completely isolated, and he added, “If you look at the countries that have succeeded in controlling the virus, you will notice that they have succeeded in that. Way of making people financially self-isolating. “

However, Duncan Robertson – of Loughborough University’s School of Business and Economics – said, “We need to ensure that people are motivated to do the tests and self-isolate – if they are positive – and not get infected, to get the reward.”

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