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7 breathtaking shows … Horror movies are on the waiting list for 2021

Those interested and specialists in the field of the seventh art considered that the world has lived – and is still living – a great horror movie that was produced and distributed across the globe in 2020, and in the field of cinematic horror, cinematic works of various classifications have accumulated and postponed for showing in the current year 2021.

From monitoring the most important films that are expected to be shown, he may notice a great diversity in the horror films that viewers will have in the coming months, including films in the style of ancient icons, or symphonies of horror of the exorcism, or the desired style of some of them represented in torture films, or the narrative style. In which psychological aspects and a legacy of human complexities intertwine, the heroes of the films embody them in complete horror on the screens. Therefore, we recommend a varied list of horror movies, so that the viewer can choose his favorite category:

1- Candy Man

After the more serious screening of “The Invisible Man” earlier, “Candyman” takes a similar approach, but is still a direct sequel to another 1992 movie of the same name.

Given that it is one of the evil films whose characters are still considered terrifying today, Hollywood decided to produce a modified version of it, but with a script written by Jordan Bell.

2- The Devil’s Light

“The Devil’s Light” is scheduled to be released this January, although this month is a deadly time for movies in theaters, there is hope for this supernatural horror.

The idea of ​​the movie revolves around an exorcism, in which a nun watches what a priest performs this mysterious activity, but when she tries to perform it on her own, she encounters an evil and utter terror.

3- A Quiet Place (Part Two)

“A Quiet Place”, in its first part, is a phenomenon at the box office, as it achieved unexpected profits of nearly 350 million dollars, in parallel with a modest production budget of 20 million dollars, so it was only a matter of time. Just before the producers announced the second part of it.

However, the sequel’s existence is not only due to financial success, as the first movie was one of the most creative horror films of the past few years.

4- Last night in Soho

“Last Night In Soho” is one of the most anticipated films in 2021, after its release in 2020 is postponed. It is expected to generate huge revenues, especially since it is the work of British director Edgar Wright, who continues to exceed expectations With every new movie on his rich list.

The horror film “Last Night in Soho” does not follow the same lines of proverbs, such as “Shaun of the Dead”, as the first embodies the complete psychological horror.

5- helix

The “Saw” film series, or “The Saw”, represented a cinematic franchise in the world through its eight parts, as a festival of torture, but the movie “Spiral: From The Book Of Saw”, can set the series Right, by digging it into the roots of violence, which makes it an exciting film that plunges deep into the hero’s psyche, more than a disgusting show of blood scenes.

6- Spell: Satan made me do this

The movie “The Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do It” comes as the third part of two previous films, dealing with the story of a couple helping people expel evil spirits from homes, and it is one of the films that represented a pattern woven into drama different from the versions Similar cinematic.

The two previous parts achieved tremendous views and won the approval of audiences in various regions. The third part is expected to achieve similar success, especially since the first two films in the series are among the most exciting horror films of the 21st century.

7- Do not breathe

2 Don’t Breathe is a direct sequel to the first installment, The Blind Man, which shattered expectations at the box office.

Horror films usually do not focus on heroes, so the hero is often the same horror, but the roles of some actors are not forgotten by the audience, and that is why Stephen Lang’s role in the first part is one of the most exciting shows in horror films in the memory of modern cinema, and critics believe that The fans will be in a state of anticipation and waiting for the second movie.

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