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7 people were killed in a 6.3-magnitude earthquake in central Croatia

The death toll from the earthquake that struck Croatia on Tuesday, with a magnitude of 6.3 on the Richter scale, has risen to 7, and this is the second earthquake to hit the region in two days.

And the Croatian Interior Ministry said in a statement today, Wednesday, that two new bodies were found in two towns close to the epicenter of the earthquake in the city of Petringa, southeast of the capital Zagreb.

Liknik Mayor Ivica Petrovich also stated that the Church of St. Nicholas in the city (Zazina) was severely damaged, and that the seventh victim of the earthquake was reached after 6 hours of search and rescue operations.

Tremors were felt in areas as far away as Vienna, while the damage was concentrated in Petrinia, 50 km south of the Croatian capital, Zagreb.

The number of injured people rose to 26, 6 of them seriously, and the Croatian Seismological Center announced the registration of 16 aftershocks around the epicenter of the city of Petringa.

Search and rescue efforts are continuing in the cities of Petrinja and Sisak, which were affected by the earthquake, and beds have been placed in school gyms for citizens whose homes were damaged.

The officials of the nuclear reactor in Slovenia announced that it would be closed temporarily, as a precaution for fear of the consequences of the earthquake, according to what was reported by the European site Euronews.

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