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8-year-old girl scales replica of Trump’s ‘un-climbable’ border wall in seconds

8-year-old woman scales reproduction of Trump’s ‘un-climbable’ border wall in seconds

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  2. Legend has it, this is the girl they manufactured Greta Thunberg from

  3. 1) throw rope over wall

    2) tie rope off at bottom and pull tight

    3) use rope to scale wall

  4. And by ‘seconds’, they mean 75 of them.

    Very impressive girl with mad climbing skilz, and very bullshitty headline.

  5. I work at a climbing gym and there were sections where she was relying completely on the rope to keep her from falling and depending on the belayer, actually pulling her up.

    This is click bait and useless. Not to say the wall is perfect, but this article proves nothing.

  6. Wait until they coat it with refried beans.

  7. Uhh… all you people forgotten the older articles about the tunnels? Never mind ladders, ropes etc Mexicans got shovels still right?

  8. A 12 year old went to the actual border wall to show how jenky it is.

  9. Billion dollar fence vs $20 rope ladder

  10. If this stupid multi billion border wall is actually built, imagine the amount of money it will take to maintain it. A broken rusted rotting border wall would be the perfect monument for Trump.

  11. The wall is great. Those slats will make nice roof beams, and the flat part a griddle, door or roof.

    Could they throw in some bricks and a small grill for the Barbecue?

  12. OK cool story!

    I’m not a wall fan, but let’s round up a random sample of 1000 illegal immigrants and show us how many of them can climb the Trump wall.

    Now that would be a news story with the support of relevant statistics.

  13. I think the border wall is a fucking useless waste and corrupt to the core, but she was being helped by the rope and she got through the top portion by going up the “side” which wouldn’t be possible with a full wall.

  14. Yeah. The rope was a safety aid surely, and everyone coming across the border has experience as a rock climber too.

  15. The girl uses the edge of the plate covering the top portion. she also would need to phase through a real wall to do it the way she did.. but then why climb it? . On a continuous wall, this would not be possible,

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