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80 years and the conflicts are not over .. “Tom and Jerry” in a new live movie

Since the first episode of the cartoon “Tom and Jerry” was shown more than 80 years ago, the struggles of the most famous contenders in the world have not subsided, and as their skirmishes continue, Warner Bros has produced a live version of the series, shown in March 5, 2021.

The trailer for the movie begins with a scene in which the two appear to be reconciling and on good terms; But soon things return to their original course, and Tom falls into a trick Jerry and collides with a bus, and the film’s events, full of traditional tricks, continue, combining the character of the classic versions of the series with the update of the story.

With a mixture of classic animation and live scenes, this time the rioting cat and mouse appears differently, as the events take place in a hotel in New York City, and a group of actors, including American Chloe Grace, participate in the role of “Kayla”, the party organizer, who works to coordinate a wedding that will be held In the hotel, it is called the “wedding of the century”.

During the hotel manager’s conversation with Chloe to introduce her to her duties, he mentioned an unusual task for her, which is to find the annoying mouse Jerry and his house inside the walls, and prevent him from spoiling the wedding, and she uses Tom’s cat to help her get Jerry out of the building, and Tom begins planning to infiltrate Jerry and get rid of from him.

Kevin Costello wrote the film the way the series’ original writers did; Joseph Barbera and William Hanna, whom the mouse Jerry always wins; But during the movie, one of the hotel workers begins plotting against the duo and Chloe also to get rid of them all, and this forces them to do the unimaginable, which is to work together for their benefit.

The film stars American actor Michael Peña, Rob Delaney, Colin Ghost, and Ken Jeong, known for his role in the “The Hangover” series, produced by Chris Devaria and directed by Tim Story, who is the director of the Fantastic Four movie. (2005).

In a statement to People magazine, Chloe talked about her role as Kayla in the new movie, and said, “I had a lot of fun while working in the movie, and I liked the similarity between Kayla and the mouse Jerry, as she is a girl ready to do anything to achieve what she wants.”

But her biggest challenge, as she described, was acting in front of nothing. “Tom was a stick bearing his name, and Jerry had a small model like him, so it is very difficult to try to improve your performance in exchange for the void,” she says.

Chloe added that the movie provided her with an opportunity to learn more about what she is actually like as a comedian, and that it was a dreamlike opportunity for her, for her intense love for them since she was a child, and says, “Tom and Jerry episodes were the thing that all family members can watch.”

Michael Bena commented on his work with Story Director in his interview with the “Digital Spy” website, saying, “It did not look like a job when we were on the site with him, he just wanted fun and fun, and this is what we presented to him .. You always want to perform.” Well in front of your director, because he is your first audience, and that was really easy with him. “

The first episode of the “Tom and Jerry” series was shown in 1940, and since that date, 164 shows have been produced, varying between television episodes and short films. The first movie was produced in 1993, and the series won 7 Oscars between 1943 and 1953.

It seems that the production of live copies of cartoon films has become the new favorite of production companies, as Disney has also recently produced live films, such as “The Lion King” and “Mulan”, and announced new films as well; These include “Hercules”, “The Little Mermaid”, and “Peter Pan and Wendy”.

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