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A Budapest restaurant reinvents the wheel for social distancing

After suffering from low sales; Due to the disappearance of foreign tourists, Kostis Restaurant, in the Hungarian capital (Budapest), created a way for its customers to eat their food on the horizon in an environment resistant to the emerging corona virus, using the “Budapest Eye ferris wheel”, for this purpose.

Carole Grenday, the restaurant’s owner, said that turnout at one of his restaurants, which reopened, has dropped to about one-tenth of pre-lockdown levels. Which forced him to search for new means of work.

Regarding the activity that is being organized in a landmark (central Budapest), he said, “Now that there are not many people on the Ferris wheel or in the restaurant because there are no tourists, we have the opportunity to do so.”

“It is very important now that people are able to separate from other guests to be safe, and the Ferris wheel is ideal with its separate cabins,” he added.

Grenday said it cost up to 48,000 fort ($ 154.40) for Costis’ eating on the wheel per 4-course meal, and tickets to the event sold out within days, as affluent local customers sought a rare escape from the restrictions imposed due to Corona.

“We wanted to go out a little and enjoy another experience, because we live totally locked up,” said Sabulge Balach, who had the meal with his wife and two children in one of the wheel cabins.

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