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A climate of terror after the return of the Corona stone … Asians are afraid in France

The French Le Point magazine said that the Asian group is facing a second wave of hatred since the re-quarantine in France, in a populist link between the Corona virus, China and Asia in general, although the virus has nothing to do with the French of Asian origin.

In an investigation by Emily Trevere, the magazine started from the story of Mary Madeleine, a 70-year-old retired Vietnamese descent, who only goes out once a day and “avoids” deserted streets, and bluntly says, “The Chinese are afraid, and the elderly don’t go out,” despite her praise for freedom. French style.

This retired person, who understands the causes of the insults and hatred she is exposed to, says that this fear is the result of a wave of hatred towards people of Asian descent, amplified by communication networks after the announcement of the second stone with the return of Corona, and it is reflected in the insults, threats and some attacks that he usually performs. Some of the deformed people on the streets who lost their jobs and indulged in drinking alcohol. They are angry with us and shouting: Dirty Chinese because of you there is Covid, “according to Madeleine.

Chinese virus

Since the announcement of the second stone, Internet users have called social networks a “chase for Asians.” “You are there, zero mists, dog eaters, we will never forgive you.” “You only get better at bringing diseases.” “. “We will enter District 13 in search of the Chinese,” and this latest tweet caused terror because it clearly targets certain neighborhoods and calls for a war between societies.

Asia Traders Association Secretary Jack Hwa says they take these incitement to hate that appears on social networks very seriously, and “hurts all of our elders. We have known since the assassination of Samuel Patti that incitement to hatred can lead to death.”

The “Security for All” and “Chinese Youth Association in France” have called on Asians to take “utmost precautions,” with Sun Lai Tan, a spokesperson for “Security for All,” saying, “What we were alerted is the unusual number of likes and retweets” of a post calling To hate, especially that a young man was beaten by two people and described him as a dirty Chinese. “

Sun Lai Tan says, “The Covid-19 crisis liberated the ground. In March, there was suspicion and fear associated with the virus that they still call the Chinese virus, but now it is hatred. It is unwarranted violence,” says this Frenchman of Cambodian origin who has become convinced The racist nature of these attacks were not accompanied by thefts.

The author cautioned that there is confusion between the Chinese and Asians in general, as Francoise, who is of Vietnamese origin, says that “all Asians are not Chinese, and that the Chinese in France are not responsible for the policy of the Chinese government nor for Covid-19.”

Francoise, a teacher, was attacked by a young man and a young woman who intercepted her when she was getting off a bus back to her home, and they told her, “Go back to China to eat dogs. Because of you, Corona came to us.”

An anxious climate

After this incident, the teacher was shocked and no longer had the courage to file a complaint and return to the scene of the attack, saying, “I am afraid to go out and meet them again.”

“A climate of anxiety exists,” said Laetitia Cheve, president of the Chinese Youth Association in France, explaining that parents are worried about their children being insulted, and that they write to them.

She adds that what is said about a bias that prevents people of Asian descent from submitting complaints has a strong basis, in terms of language barrier, fear of retaliation and lack of confidence in the justice system, in addition to the financial consequences, “but this young activist is happy because he succeeded in convincing 6 victims to file a lawsuit. Judicial “.

On November 12, the Paris Court of Appeals handed down sentences of between two and seven years in prison to three men who were tried for assaulting and stealing around 30 women of Asian descent.

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