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A commando operation was carried out in a country .. Israel reveals plans to prevent Iran from developing a nuclear bomb

Israeli Chief of Staff Aviv Kochavi said that Tel Aviv is working on developing plans and scenarios to deal with Iranian attempts to develop a nuclear bomb, at a time when Tehran threatened to stop the implementation of the additional protocol to monitor its nuclear activities.

In a rare public speech, Kochavi confirmed that he had asked his teams to work on developing new plans to address what he described as an Iranian nuclear threat in the event a political decision was taken to target Tehran.

He explained – during a conference organized by the Defense Research Institute at Tel Aviv University – that he prepared an accurate plan to launch a possible military attack on Iran that would thwart Iranian attempts to come close to possessing a nuclear bomb.

He said Iran possesses an impermissible amount of enriched uranium and the centrifuges it has developed; This allows it to accelerate the process of developing a nuclear bomb, stressing its opposition to returning to the Iranian nuclear agreement even if amendments are made to it, and demanding that the sanctions imposed on Tehran remain.

“Pressure must continue to be exerted on Iran, and Iran cannot have the capabilities to possess a nuclear bomb,” he added, noting that the Israeli army attacked 500 targets in the Middle East in 2020, and said that the Israeli operations in Syria aimed to prevent the continuation of the Iranian presence there.

Since the outbreak of the war in Syria in 2011, Israel has carried out hundreds of air strikes and launched missiles into this country. Targeting the Syrian regime forces and their Iranian allies and the Lebanese Hezbollah.

Tehran is threatening

On Tuesday, Tehran threatened to suspend the Additional Protocol for the IAEA’s control of Iran’s nuclear activities on February 21 if the rest of the parties do not abide by their pledges.

Iranian government spokesman Ali Rabiei said that America’s opportunity to return to the nuclear deal and implement its obligations has become limited. He said, “Dialogue with the United States is not currently on the table, and we have had no contact with the Biden administration, and any development in the negotiations file depends on the implementation of International Resolution 2231. , Which is the UN Security Council resolution that approved the concluded nuclear agreement.

He stressed that Tehran is awaiting the announcement of Washington’s official positions on how to return to the nuclear agreement and lift the sanctions imposed on his country, adding, “We hope that Washington will take practical measures to enhance confidence and show goodwill.”

During the era of former US President Donald Trump, the United States withdrew from the nuclear deal and launched a campaign to impose “maximum pressure” on Tehran, by re-imposing and then tightening US sanctions on Iran, which responded by abandoning most of its obligations stipulated in the agreement, but denied seeking to develop capacity Military nuclear.

The Israeli authorities fear that the arrival of President Joe Biden to the White House – who considers that Trump’s policy towards Iran was a failure – will be accompanied by an attempt to salvage this agreement.

The Israeli military official threatened to strike Hamas in Gaza (Reuters)

Threats of Lahmas and Hezbollah

In another context, the Chief of Staff of the Israeli army said that the Islamic Resistance Movement (Hamas) and the Lebanese Hezbollah had established units whose mission was to deploy in Israel when the orders were issued.

The Israeli Chief of Staff threatened the Lebanese and the residents of the Gaza Strip near the missile stores, saying, “Leave your places, as they are full of rockets and missiles. The Israeli army attacks these places will be flooded. Whoever decides to stay will bear the responsibility.”

On reaching a settlement with Hamas, Kochavi said that they will not proceed with a settlement unless the issue of the Israeli prisoners held by the movement is resolved.

The Israeli military commander revealed that his forces had carried out what he described as a “commando operation” in a country (he did not name) last week, and said that it was “not necessarily from the countries of the ring.”

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