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“A contemporary Arab obsession” … Why do people believe the constellations now more than ever ?!

On a weekly basis, Jacqueline Akiki, a presenter for the Iraqi Alsumaria TV channel, who identifies herself as a “astronomer”, publishes her predictions for all the constellations in terms of professional, emotional and health on her Facebook page, which has about 1.47 million followers. Regular Akaki posts usually get 400 Or 500 likes, but her weekly horoscope post specifically receives more than four to five times that number of likes.

On YouTube, the episode of Akiki’s predictions of the most important events of the past year, which I presented over an hour and a quarter, was viewed more than 2.7 million times, and this is not a special case in any case. Every year, the episode of horoscopes and tarot predictions presented by the Egyptian journalist Amr Adib More than a million times, programs on almost all Egyptian TV channels are hosting a “horoscope expert” to tell us about the events we will see in the next 12 months.

Before the spread of social media, the horoscope section was sacred in most daily newspapers, it is still presented in the form of a small table that gives about half a line to each sign, so most people were interested only in this very short paragraph, and those who wanted to delve into them, and they are a small percentage Very, he had to buy a horoscope book from a newspaper seller.

But with the spread of the Internet, and the subsequent social media revolutions, the matter became a degree of depth, and instead of half a line, all people were able to learn full pages about the characteristics of their medical and behavioral signs and their position in relations with friends or relatives and loved ones, as well as the horoscope applications spread on Smartphones, which provide you with astrological details of your horoscope or the so-called “birth chart”, and alert you with detailed daily predictions based on the positions of the stars and planets, on the other hand, advice on this matter has spread through messages on several platforms, from WhatsApp to Messenger.

It can be said that this was the reason for a more widespread spread of horoscopes in the world today, especially since paper newspapers were usually the area of ​​interest for age groups starting from the thirties, but now you can find suitable images for almost all ages of horoscopes, especially adolescence, and in this category Confused age in particular, the world of the zodiac is an ideal way to identify the features of the personality, and on the opposite sex as well, a simple conversation that begins with “What is your sign?” It can last for hours, especially if they are the same sign.

But despite this, the nature of the digital age makes the horoscopes and their services more available to people than newspapers and magazines, but this does not explain their demand for them. This raises an important question. In fact, the age of the constellations is about 2,500 years and are still receiving people more intensely than before, and although scientists have refuted this phenomenon in more than one place, this did not reduce its spread, one of the reasons is that the refutations of scientists Do not reach the audience as much as the horoscopes reach them through social media, in fact, the author of the report, as the founder of one of the largest virtual astronomical clubs in the Arab world, receives this question periodically.

For example, many do not know about the experiment of “Sean Carlson,” a physicist at the Lawrence Barclay Laboratory for Physics, in 1985, and was joined by 28 astrologers concerned. The experiment is based on the idea of ​​studying 100 cases by determining their exact birth dates and drawing an astrological map of the position of the sun, moon and planets And the constellations the moment each of them was born, after which detailed psychological tests were conducted of the personalities of these individuals participating in the experiences.

Now this data, without names, is placed in front of the astrologers, and they are asked to match people’s horoscopes with their own psychological tests. The study was published in the famous journal Nature (1) to confirm that the astrologers ’claims were not, in any case, greater than the results of pure chance. Astrologers could not match personal test files with dates of birth.

Another famous experiment (2) carried out by quantum sociologist David Fauss, when he decided to search for any effect of the importance of the horoscopes on the results of 10 million marriages in Britain, whether by agreement or dissonance, according to what astrology books say and agree upon about the signs that are preferred Corresponds in relationships with each other, but unfortunately it did not reach anything, the female Leo, then, may or may not be suitable for marrying a Scorpio man, it depends on many things of course, but the constellations are not one of them.

On the other hand, the psychological aspects of the matter can give us a closer understanding of the truth about the spread of the zodiac, at that point let us go back again to Al-Aqiqi, who addresses the Gemini sign, saying that this week, the last in January 2021 while this report is written , “The faithful open the appropriate doors for you and the atmosphere changes for the better, so you know abundance, success and good situations.”

The first observation that you can pick up in the worlds of the zodiac is the broad or loose talk, you will find talk about that the Aries have a good heart that cannot hate, as they can forgive their enemies after a series of repeated harm, and that the lion is creative, emotional and positive in his dealings, and that the Virgin is loyal, wise and rational All of these are qualities that can apply to anyone, to some degree, whether they are big or small, but there are two psychological tricks that make us believe that these are really our characteristics.

The first is what we call the Barnum effect, or the Forer effect (3), and he says that most people tend to accept any loose description of personality as describing them accurately, without realizing that this same description could also apply to anyone else.

Bertram Furrer, the American psychologist and the owner of this term, had persuaded students in several semesters that they would take a new personality test produced by the Department of Psychology, and they were required to contribute to an assessment of its accuracy by passing it and then evaluating the results, if their personalities actually agree with the test results. This will mean that the department has succeeded in its mission and the test is accurate, but after completing those tests, Furrer neglected the students ’answers, and gave each of them a sheet of the same speech as a description of his personality as a result of the test he passed.

The character descriptions proposed by Forer included sentences such as: “You need love and appreciation,” “criticize yourself on your own,” “you certainly have some weaknesses in your personality, but you usually compensate for them”, “you have capabilities and abilities that have not yet been invested in your favor.” Notice the similarity between these sentences and what the horoscope predictions say? It is almost the same, and surprisingly, the students ’agreement about the quality and even greatness of this test and the accuracy of its characterization are crucial, as 40% of them gave a full score for the test (5 out of 5) and on average the rating was 4.2 out of 5.

As for the second psychological trick, it is what we call (4) “self-fulfilling prophecy,” meaning the prediction that makes itself true, directly or indirectly, such as telling a colleague before a university aptitude test, for example, that you know that he will fail, here he will have a feeling He is very afraid of failing, and this causes a state of tension that prevents him from paying attention in the test, and he actually fails. His failure wasn’t because you expected, but because you pushed him to fail.

In the world of the zodiac, all you need, then, is a broad and loose prediction that can be attached to anything. The horoscope will say that you will “get a new love this week.” Then you see a girl, any girl, and you seek to fulfill the prophecy without knowing, trying to approach her Then you say to yourself that the prophecy has been fulfilled, but you are the one who deliberately fulfilled it.

The matter, then, is that you are the one who carves out of your personality so that it fits perfectly with the template of the predictions of the signs and not the other way around, but because the nerve impulses flow in our brains at tremendous speeds, you do not realize what just happened, and it seems that you saw a perception of one of the signs that tells about the nature of your personality, then you actually found it In your personality, this is why constellations seem so charming to us, but do you know when you are more charming than at any other time ?! In times of stress and uncertainty.

A small study (5), published about four decades ago in the journal Personality and Individual Difference, indicated that people tend to turn to the astrologer and his predictions as they go through degrees of anxiety resulting from problems at work or relationships, and thus we can expect that the matter is On a macro-social level, it can be related to the current societal condition.

Take the situation, for example, in the Arab world, during the ten years that have passed after the Arab Spring, political, social, political and economic changes were at their height. Instability was the official marking of almost everything in our lives, governments that change, currencies collapsing, and people who have always trusted their capabilities to support us with their wise opinions. They were like a torrent scum, putting us in a state of constant tension, uncertainty in almost everything.

But we humans are beings that hate uncertainty, always wanting to control the surrounding world as much as possible, and because this is impossible to happen, we have developed many psychological mechanisms to adapt to that, for example (6) the “illusion of control” which means giving yourself Greater probabilities in your ability to control matters in which the objective truth says that the probabilities are less than that, and this is what drives some people to continue participating in the million and billion contests, lotteries, etc., because deep inside they think that they can control something with this randomness.

At that point specifically comes the role of the horoscopes, and we can also join the current Arab obsession with personality tests such as “Myers Briggs”, which is a picture of the constellations but takes a scientific form, and both play the role of being able to control your future and describe it with a degree of accuracy, when the special sign predicts You have close love, or the personality test says that you are able to pass through professions such as medicine or engineering, you are preparing yourself for this future with a degree of certainty, a degree that you wished in your depths, you just wanted someone to say that your future is predetermined and left to go to achieve it.

Unfortunately, we do not have enough studies on the extent of the phenomenon in the Arab world, but a quick reading of YouTube and TV views, Facebook and Twitter follow-ups, and the song of the most famous artist in the Arab world, Amr Diab, by Pisces, can give you an indication of how widespread the star constellations are in our Arab societies today. Compared to decades ago, the most interesting thing is always when you ask someone about it. The answer usually will be: “I don’t believe in signs, but curiosity just pushes me for a short glance here or there.”

At that point, an important idea becomes clear, for the horoscopes – for many – are not necessarily correct, which removes religious problems from their shoulders because Islam prohibits astrology based primarily on the claim to know the unseen, but – that is, the horoscopes – may only be useful, giving them this degree of peace that They seek him – through this curiosity – in a well-governed world, in which their personalities are clear, and his future is already known.

Rather, the matter may extend even deeper than that, according to a report (7) issued by the Walter Thomson Foundation in 2016, human societies are becoming increasingly interested in magical and spiritual practices as a response to a global situation governed by scientific studies, big data, and superior transparency. According to the report, this pattern was previously observed as a reaction to the Enlightenment, rationality and scientific method in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, as the romantic movement appeared that pushed people towards intuition and the supernatural, according to the report.

Could this explain the increasing spread, in the world in general and the Arab world in particular, for pseudosciences such as neuro-linguistic programming, energy sciences, feng shui, the law of attraction and other practices? The answer to this question can turn in the direction of “yes”, especially when you know that these practices are currently linked to contemporary religious movements such as “New Age” and New Thoughts.

Followers of these religious movements (8) believe that there are hidden sciences or secrets that belong to the elite of scholars and thinkers, who receive their knowledge through intuition and personal revelations and not revelations. In fact, one study (9) had argued that the growing prevalence of interest in the zodiac in Britain is also linked to a growing interest in those religious movements, which relate to the horoscopes as primarily promoting a degree of interconnectedness between everything in the universe, which is what the signs are also based on.

At that point, the astrologer, and the human development coach as well, is like a contemporary cleric in a stylish suit and says that everything is connected to each other, everything is governed, so do not worry about the epidemic or climate change or the next war in the Middle East, against all. There is no certainty surrounding you, they have a corresponding “certainty”!



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