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A crazy year .. players complain and tournament organizers deaf and dumb

Football players in Europe face more burdens and make double efforts due to the large number of matches these days, in light of the efforts of competition organizers to hold all scheduled matches within a shorter period of time in the wake of the suspension of football activity due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Despite the objection of coaches and players at club level to the continuation of this situation, the continental and national federations alike refuse to reduce the number of matches in order to reduce the psychological and physical burdens on the most important elements of the popular game.

“Everyone recognizes the problem, but the movement (towards a solution) is very slow,” the Secretary-General of the International Federation of Professional Footballers, Jonas Bayer Hoffmann, told Reuters.

Last season in Europe ended in mid-August, and the current season started in mid-September, about a month later than usual.

The group stage matches will be held in the UEFA Champions League, which are 6 rounds over the course of 8 weeks instead of 3 months, as was the case in the past, while the number of international matches increased during international interruptions in September, October and November to 3 matches instead. It is two games at each stop.

On this, Diane Lovren, defender of Zenit Saint Petersburg and the Croatia national team, tweeted, “There are too many matches, there is no time to rest and take a breath, and there is no time to prepare for the season in this crazy year.”

And last Sunday, Italy played its match against Poland in the European Nations League, deprived of the efforts of 20 players due to exhaustion, injury or matters related to Covid-19.

Last March, there was greater solidarity and response when UEFA agreed to postpone the European Championship 2020 to next year in order to give the game local tournaments priority, but that attitude changed after that.

A big dispute erupted between Inter Milan and Chile, while each side blamed the other side for Alexis Sanchez’s injury.

Easy target

International matches became an easy target when discussing and discussing matches that can be dispensed with.

But some countries will not accept this saying, such as North Macedonia and Scotland after their dramatic qualification for the European Championship 2020 finals, as well as Comoros and Equatorial Guinea after their brilliance in the African Nations qualifiers.

Bayer Hoffmann added, “Many players want to play for their country as long as there are no risks involved.”

If the organizers decided to cancel the group stage program in the UEFA Champions League and resolve this stage with the knockout system through only two back and forth matches, 4 rounds would have been shortened at this stage, but the idea was not originally proposed for discussion and discussion, and the European Union (UEFA) did not respond to a request for comment. On this perception.

But the more realistic suggestion is to put a cap on the number of matches a player can play in a season, along with setting rules for players’ holidays in mid-season and end-season.

On that, Bayer Hoffmann said, “Tournament and club organizers must sit together and understand the players’ burdens. This means setting holidays and setting a ceiling for the number of matches.”

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