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“A day of celebration in Israel” … Opening of a consulate in Dubai and sending an ambassador to Morocco and Cohen in Sudan

Israel opened a consulate general in Dubai today, Tuesday, two days after the inauguration of its embassy in Abu Dhabi, and at a time when Tel Aviv announced that it would send an ambassador to Morocco, it revealed the visit of its intelligence minister to Sudan.

A statement by the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs confirmed the opening of a consulate general in Dubai, and the arrival of Consul Ilan Stulman in the UAE.

According to the Israeli Foreign Ministry, the consulate’s work will focus on developing economic relations between Israel and the UAE, and work to strengthen tourism and aviation relations between the two sides, and high technology and its various fields will occupy a central position.

On Sunday, Israel announced the “opening” of its embassy in the United Arab Emirates, in a historic step that comes about 4 months after the signing of an agreement to normalize relations between the two countries.

Yesterday, Monday, the UAE announced that the process of opening an embassy in Israel has been affected by the restrictions to confront the Corona virus, confirming that it will be completed soon.

Guvrin in Rabat
In the same context, the Israeli ambassador, David Goffrin, arrived Tuesday in Rabat, where he will head the Israeli mission in Morocco, according to what the Foreign Ministry announced in a statement that considered this step a “day of celebration for Israel.”

The statement indicated that Guvrin and his staff would work “for the continuous progress of bilateral relations in all fields, including everything related to political dialogue, tourism, economy and cultural relations.”

Guverin previously held the position of Israeli ambassador to Egypt between 2016 and 2020.

Morocco is the fourth Arab country that recently signed a normalization agreement with Israel, sponsored by the United States, after the UAE, Bahrain and Sudan.

Last December, the two countries signed 4 bilateral agreements that focused on direct flights, water management, exempting citizens of both countries from visas, and encouraging investment and trade between the two countries.

On Sunday, the Israeli government approved the normalization agreement between the two countries, but is awaiting a vote on it by Parliament.

Two weeks ago, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s office reported that the latter had invited King Mohammed VI to visit Israel during phone talks.

On Tuesday, Israeli Foreign Minister Gabi Ashkenazi welcomed these steps, and said, “It is an important day for peace and a pleasant day for the implementation of our agreements with the UAE and Morocco.”

The minister considered that the opening of 4 new diplomatic missions in the Middle East “is a living testament to the changes taking place in the region and to the warm peace between us and the countries of the region.”

To Khartoum
These developments come hours after Israel announced that its Intelligence Minister Eli Cohen had visited Sudan and met with senior officials there.

The official Israeli Broadcasting Corporation said that Cohen made a historic visit to Sudan on Monday evening.

This is the first public official visit by an Israeli minister to Sudan after normalization between the two countries.

The broadcasting organization stated that Cohen met with Chairman of the Sovereignty Council Abdel Fattah Al-Burhan, Defense Minister Yassin Ibrahim Yassin, and other Sudanese officials (she did not mention them), and discussed with them a number of political, security and economic issues.

In this regard, a Sudanese government source told Anadolu Agency that Khartoum had agreed with Cohen to open embassies between the two countries as soon as possible.

The source pointed out that the Israeli minister’s visit to Khartoum aimed at strengthening bilateral relations between the two countries in various fields.

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