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A drone that combines the best of helicopters and jet fighters

Drones have grown in popularity over the past few years, and drones of all shapes and sizes are designed to do many specific tasks.

Latvian-based company, Dartz Motorz, decided to design its new Prombdrone Black Bee drone with the express function of simply looking cool.

The images might trick you into thinking the vehicle is a mammoth-sized military drone, but it is actually the size of a person and fits into an SUV.

Developed in cooperation with the drone company Fixar, Promedron BlackB combines the design advantages of a helicopter and a jet plane with the elimination of flaws inherent in tilt rotation models, according to a report by Yanko Design. .

Vexar and Dartz Motors aim to produce this drone to change the concept of drones from being simple toys or military equipment, to being a modern accessory that enhances the personality of the owner.

The drone can be carried in a Dartz Brombrunn black alligator (Dartz Motors)

The aircraft is designed on the Fixar 007 Outdoor and can take off and land like a helicopter, and it has a high flight range due to its wing length.

Designers say the transition from helicopter mode to a new aircraft mode is seamless, allowing it to reach high speeds immediately after takeoff.

The plane was built with the help of the famous auto designer Alexander Isev, who is known for designing the Mercedes-Benz G Niva and Hummer UAZ. The drone can be carried in a Dartz Prombron Black Alligator sports car. Versatile, it featured in the “Die Hard” movie series.

VXAR 007 Outdoor aircraft design (Dartz Motors)

Personal aircraft will drive the next boom in drones, and there will be an increase in demand for this type of march.

The boom will also be spearheaded by Dartz Motors, along with ventures such as Airspeeder, a race for drones, suggesting that the future will be personal races.

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