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A final attempt from the Trump camp … a bloc of Republicans decides to object to Biden’s victory on the day of the final ratification

A group of 11 Republican lawmakers in the US Senate announced that they will oppose the approval of the results of the presidential elections that resulted in the victory of Joe Biden, when Congress meets in both houses next Wednesday, January 6, in order to finally ratify the results.

Lawmakers led by prominent Senator Ted Cruz said in a joint statement today, Saturday, that the presidential elections – which Republican President Donald Trump lost – witnessed “allegations of fraud” and “illegal behavior.”

The statement added that “Congress should immediately appoint an electoral commission with full powers of investigation and fact-finding, to conduct an emergency audit within 10 days of the election results in the disputed states.”

The lawmakers – including newly elected members – said that “upon completion of the audit, each of the concerned states evaluates the results of the commission’s work and may call for a special legislative session to change its vote (in the electoral college) if necessary.”

In addition to this bloc, there are other numbers of Republicans who intend to submit objections during the final approval session, including Senator Josh Hawley. Axios reported that both Cruz and Hawley are believed to be considering running for the presidency in 2024.

Earlier, CNN reported that two Republican lawmakers expected that at least 140 Republican members of the House of Representatives would vote against the approval of the electoral college votes on Wednesday.

Al-Jazeera correspondent in Washington, Muhammad Al-Ahmad, said that these efforts may prolong the ratification procedures by a few hours, as they require a hearing to discuss these objections.

But he made clear that the objections will ultimately fail, whether in the House of Representatives or even in the Republican-controlled Senate, after party leaders recognized Trump’s loss in the elections, led by Senator Mitch McConnell, the majority leader in the Senate.

The correspondent added that these objections would reveal the division among the Republicans, and that their electoral bases may be affected by it.

Trump calls for demonstrations

Earlier, the outgoing US President Donald Trump promised that next Wednesday he would witness a mass demonstration in Washington, with evidence emerging that he had won the elections, he said.

Trump said – in a tweet on Twitter – that a large demonstration will be held in Washington on the sixth of this month, reiterating his request to stop what he called election theft.

And he said in a second tweet that a huge amount of evidence will be presented on the same day, proving that he won massively in the last elections.

On the other hand, Trump attacked the Republicans in the Senate who passed the defense budget bill and voted to override the presidential veto against it, and accused them of missing the opportunity to get rid of the control of technology companies.

Trump also criticized them for rejecting his proposal to allocate two thousand dollars in aid for every American, instead of 600 dollars, as part of the financial stimulus package to recover from the Corona virus.

The US news site Politico described Trump’s attack on the Republicans in the Senate as putting his party’s candidates in Georgia in trouble, as the state will witness a decisive run-off that will determine the dominant line-up in the House.

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