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A happy family lives in the White House .. How did Jill Biden restore life to the young widow?

Spouses Joe and Jill Biden exchange messages of love and appreciation through social media and in public events and media meetings, and Joe Biden is not shy about repeatedly mentioning that Jill is the strong lady who has brought him back to life, and that she has an exceptional will and a rocket-like backbone – according to his description – that can be relied upon. In tribulations and crises.

Two days earlier, members of the close-knit Joe Biden family entered the White House, consisting of his wife, Dr. Jill, a professor, son Hunter, 50, his wife Melissa, his four sons, his daughter Ashley, and the two grandsons Robert and Natalie of the deceased son Bo.

The Biden family went through a number of painful ordeals, most notably the loss of a wife and daughter, and the eldest son followed them after several decades, but the members of that family were keen to extract happiness from successive griefs.

Six weeks after he was elected to the Senate of Delaware in 1972, Joe Biden received a “devastating” phone call in which he was informed of the death of his wife and college colleague Nilia, when a trailer collided with her carriage that she was driving with their three children. The daughter Naomi (one year old) also died, while the sons Bo (4 years old) and Hunter (3 years old) were seriously injured, as a result of which they were receiving treatment in the hospital for several months.

At 30 years old, Biden became a lonely father in charge of caring for his children, as he took a train home from Washington to Wilmington every night, until he met Jill 3 years later.

In his 2007 diary, Joe wrote of his wife, Jill, “She gave me my life back.”

In an interview with Vogue, Jill recalled the first encounter with Joe, which was arranged by his older brother, as Jill says, “I was mature enough, but I found myself in front of someone in serious clothes, 9 years older than me, oh my God, this won’t work.” Never, not in a million years. “

But not long hours passed until a generation was drawn to the young widow, so she called her mother at one in the morning to tell her that she had finally found the right man.

Jill succeeded in bringing the grieving family back to life. Joe used to work late, so she used to go to his house to prepare dinner for the little ones and take them in the morning to school, until she became a second mother and a loyal friend.

“We were having a wonderful evening watching TV with them, until we started building our special relationship away from their father,” Jill says in her diary.

Strangely, however, Jill was reluctant to consummate the marriage; Joe Biden proposed to her 5 times before agreeing to the engagement, perhaps because her first marriage did not succeed, and she was wary of the idea of ​​marriage, as she was afraid that marriage to a political man would lose her career.

Moreover, she was fully aware of the dangers of playing the role of mother to two children who lost their mothers at an early age.

But over time, she fell in love with the two children, and they even asked their father to join Jill to their family, and she really felt that this marriage had to work. “Because they lost their mother, I couldn’t make them lose another mother,” she tells Vogue.

In 1977, Joe and Jill got married, took the boys with them on their honeymoon, and in 1981, the young family welcomed daughter Ashley.

Jill received a master’s degree in education from West Chester University in 1981, and after spending several years resting after the birth of her daughter, she returned to teaching English at a time when she obtained a master’s degree in arts in English from Villanova University ( Villanova University) in 1987.

Also in 1987, Joe, who had been a member of the Senate for nearly two decades, announced his intention to obtain the Democratic nomination for the 1988 presidential race, but withdrew in September of that year.

Several months later, Joe underwent surgery to treat a brain aneurysm, and during his recovery period he developed a pulmonary embolism.

About this critical stage, Jill says, “I always fight to control myself, especially in times of hardship and adversity. Our children never saw me cry when Joe was lying facing death at Walter Reed Hospital.”

While working full-time teaching at the university, Jill also fulfilled her duties as a partner in her husband’s career path, but life is full of unrelenting storms, as the Biden family hit a new test in 2013, as the eldest son Beau was diagnosed with brain cancer and spent two years grappling with him.

Jill describes this stage, saying, “I was totally devastated, and my life changed in an instant. And throughout his illness I really believed that he would live, and I never lost hope, until the moment he closed his eyes.”

As time passed, the Biden family recovered from their grief, and Joe decided to resume the presidential battle again in 2020.

Jill was literally fighting for her husband all the time, until she severely prevented a female protestor from approaching him on stage during the early days of the presidential race.

Biden Sons

Hunter Biden, 50, is an activist, lawyer, and shareholder in an investment advisory firm.

Hunter Biden married Kathleen Ball in 1993 and had 3 daughters: Naomi (who bears the name of his deceased sister), Finnegan, and Macy. The couple separated in 2015.

Biden then married South African filmmaker Melissa Cohen in 2019, and recently had their son Bo (named after his deceased brother) in Los Angeles.

As for Ashley (39 years), she is the youngest daughter in the Biden family, and works as a social worker, activist, and owns a fashion institution as well.

While Ashley was in elementary school, she discovered that the cosmetics company Bonne Bell had tested their products on animals, so she wrote a letter to the company asking it to change its policy on animal testing, and she later participated in dolphin conservation campaigns, which inspired her father to work with a female member. Congressional Barbara Boxer to write and pass legislation to conserve dolphins in 1990.

Ashley received her MA in Social Work from the University of Pennsylvania in 2010, and was one of 12 alumni recipients of the American John Hope Franklin Prize for Combating Racism.

Joe Biden at the wedding of his daughter Ashley in 2012 (networking sites)

Ashley married Howard Keren, a plastic surgeon and otolaryngologist, in 2012.

She accompanied her father on the campaign trail. “My father always taught me that silence is complicity, and that I must defend anyone who is treated unfairly,” she said.

In her meeting with CNN, Ashley confirmed that she will not be part of her father’s team, and will continue to work in her field. She also confirmed that she does not have public accounts on social networking sites.

She explained that the family is the most important thing for her father, and said, “We have a rule, which continues to this day, that regardless of where my father is, regardless of the meeting he attends, if one of his sons calls him, he will leave everyone to answer the caller.”

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