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A Hindu burned her for refusing to marry him .. This is how Muslim Gulnaz was killed in India

Human rights activists and politicians in India demanded justice for a young Muslim woman who was burned to death by a Hindu man and his companions for refusing to marry him in the east of the country.

Thousands of pioneers of social media platforms in India interacted with the hashtag “Justice for Gulnaz”, following the killing of the twenty-year-old Muslim woman.

According to Indian media, the 20-year-old girl, Gulnaz Hatton, was harassed by the Hindu youth, Satish Kumar Rai, to force her to marry him in Bihar, although she told him more than once that she could not marry him because she was a Muslim.

On 30 October, Hatton went out of her home in the village of Rasulpur to throw garbage, where Kumar Rai and his friends had harassed her. The young woman was not but threatened that she would inform her mother about him.

As a result, Kumar Rai and his friends poured gas oil on the Hatton, then set it on fire, causing 75% of burns.

On November 15, Hatton passed away in hospital after the medical team’s attempts to save her life failed.

The Hatton family organized protests to demand that the police arrest the criminals, and while the police announced the arrest of one of them, they are still searching for Kumar Rai and another person.

The incident received widespread attention across the country, as the former president of the opposition Indian National Congress, Rahul Gandhi, expressed, in a tweet on Twitter, his anger at the Bihar government, which he said sought to cover up the incident because of the elections.

India has previously witnessed similar crimes with the increase in hate speech against Muslims in the country in recent years.

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