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A Kuwaiti court acquitted academic Abdullah Al-Nafisi of the charge of insulting the UAE

Lawyer Adel Abdul-Hadi stated that the Kuwaiti Criminal Court issued a ruling acquitting his academic client, Abdullah Al-Nafisi, of the charge of “insulting the Emirates.”

The lawyer said in a tweet on Twitter that this ruling is the first judicial ruling issued in the name of the Emir of the country, Sheikh Nawaf Al-Ahmad Al-Jaber Al-Sabah.

The Kuwaiti Ministry of Foreign Affairs had filed a complaint against Al-Nafisi, and demanded that the maximum penalties be applied against him on charges of subjecting Kuwait to severing relations with a sister country (the Emirates).

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs demanded that Al-Nafisi be punished in accordance with Article 4 of Law 30/1970 regarding external state security crimes, which stipulates that “Anyone who, without government permission, recruits soldiers against a friendly country, or commits hostile acts,” which states: Against a friendly country, or that would expose the country to the danger of war, and carry out hostile acts that threaten diplomatic relations between Kuwait and friendly countries.

It is noteworthy that the Kuwaiti Criminal Court had issued at the beginning of this year an order to arrest and bring Al-Nafisi to appear before it in the case of “insulting the Emirates”, which was represented in a tweet on Twitter.

It is noteworthy that Dr. Al-Nafisi had angered the UAE Minister of Foreign Affairs, Abdullah bin Zayed, when several years ago he ridiculed a television clip in which he appeared.

Abdullah bin Zayed was returning from abroad at the time, and when asked where his trip was, he said that he “was inspecting the Emirati forces abroad.” Al-Nafisi mocked, saying at the time, “The children have grown up,” which is what the rulers of the Emirates understood to be mocking them and belittling them.

After that, Abdullah bin Zayed published a video clip on his Twitter account, in which Al-Nafisi appears with phrases describing him as “terrorism” and accusing him of supporting the attacks on America in 2001, which provoked strong anger from Kuwait and the Arabs.

The video clip also accused him of belonging to the Muslim Brotherhood, which the UAE classifies as a banned terrorist group, and of supporting “terrorist ideology.”

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