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A Libyan team that won the African Championship recounts their struggles before their FIFA Club World Cup participation

The lack of financial support and the instability of the situation in Libya are likely to prevent the club, the leader in mini-soccer in the country and the African continent, from achieving global fame.

Al-Tahadi Club Misurata has won several local and regional mini-soccer tournaments.

In 2018, the club qualified for the Club World Championship, but it did not succeed in participating in the tournament that was held in Belarus, because the players did not obtain travel visas, according to Abdelbaset Akrout, the team’s coach.

The challenge club Misurata team during its training (Al-Jazeera)

The club’s team is currently having a second chance to participate in the next FIFA Club World Cup, after winning the African Club Cup in 2019.

The international tournament was supposed to be held in 2020, but it was postponed to 2021 due to the Coronavirus pandemic.

Despite not receiving support from the federation or the state, the players of the Libyan team Al-Tahadi Misrata are preparing for the tournament.

“We did not (did not obtain) our rights as athletes or as a challenge club, we won the African Championship in Tunisia, and we crowned the Arab championship and crowned the Tunisian Libyan Super Cup. We did not receive (and did not) obtain any financial support or any financial rewards for the club,” said coach Abdelbaset Al-Akrout.

He added, “Al-Ittihad is in a negligence far from Al-Tahadi club or from the guidance of (these) championships. They are not with us (they were not with us) in anything (something), meaning their program is their presence in the coronation only. It is necessary (to provide support because) young people want (want) an incentive (A), they (want) those who stand with them (who stand with them). “

Al-Hadi Al-Qazairi, goalkeeper for Al-Tahadi Club, emphasized that they were very happy when they won the African Cup, because that qualified them for the Club World Cup, which is a dream for any club.

He added that they are looking forward to achieving advanced positions in the Club World Cup, and to appear at a level befitting the club and its fans, stressing that the next is better.

Al-Tahadi Club Misurata won the local league and the African Championship (Al-Jazeera)

And the International Federation of mini-soccer will determine next April the location and date of the tournament this year. Thirty-two teams are expected to compete for the cup in that tournament.

Due to his need for money, the leader of the Al-Tahadi team, Misurata, works as a truck driver.

Abu Bakr Khattala, the team leader, told Reuters TV that the nature of his work – as a truck driver to transport goods – is stressful because the working hours are long, and therefore he is not fully fit during training, noting that the Ministry of Youth and Sports does not provide any support for the club or the game.

Al-Tahadi Club Misurata recently won the local mini-soccer league in Libya, in which 50 teams are participating.

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