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A long-awaited decision .. Iraq is heading to change the flag and the national anthem

The Minister of Culture, Tourism and Antiquities in Iraq, Hassan Nazim, revealed the government’s intention to change the national anthem and the flag as soon as an agreement is achieved between the political trends and pluralism in the country.

Nazem – who is also a spokesman for the Iraqi government – said in a television interview that the laws of the national anthem and the Iraqi flag are under study by specialized committees, and several proposals have been received in this regard, noting that there are difficulties in legislating the two laws.

Nazem talked about the existence of understandings with the family of former President Jalal Talabani regarding the approval of the National Day Law in Iraq proposed to be October 3, the date that coincides with the anniversary of Talabani’s departure.

The Iraqi singer Kazem El Saher released a new hymn a few months ago entitled “Our Iraq” through his official accounts on social networking sites, and said that he would guide it to the Iraqi people.

The words of the anthem – written by the poet Karim al-Iraqi and distributed by Michel Fadel – express the unity of the Iraqi people, and praise the sectarian and national pluralism in it over time.

Prior to that, Al-Saher made a new distribution for his song “Peace be upon you on your Rafdik”, one of the words of the poet Asaad Al-Ghariri, and wished at that time that it would be adopted as a national anthem for Iraq.

After 2003, the song “Mawtani” was adopted as a national anthem, one of the words of the Palestinian poet Ibrahim Toukan, composed by Muhammad Fleifel, and this anthem is still adopted by the successive Iraqi governments since that date.

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