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A new agreement between the two parties to the conflict in Libya .. Will it find a way to be implemented?

Political analyst Faisal al-Sharif said that the announcement of a new ceasefire agreement in Libya is very important, but he questioned the procedures for implementing this agreement, and stressed that he needed means to monitor its implementation on the ground.

He added – in statements to the episode (23/10/2020) of the “Beyond the News” program – that being satisfied with intentions does not help, rather guarantees must be taken from each party, and the intentions of the parties can only be known with the passage of time, and the file of mercenaries’ removal is very sensitive. The countries that sent their mercenaries will not accept their exit, especially the mercenaries of the Russian Wagner Company.

Al-Sharif added that the agreement did not talk about the crimes committed by the militia of the retired Major General Khalifa Haftar against the Libyans, noting that the Turkish questioning of the agreement sends clear messages to the world that this agreement will not be implemented on the ground, because it does not have any international umbrella in addition to the absence of a follow-up mechanism and punishment for the obstruction. .

The two parties to the conflict in Libya had signed an agreement for a permanent ceasefire, which provides for the departure of foreign mercenaries from the country within 3 months, and the formation of a joint Libyan military force. The United Nations called on the international community to support the agreement, and Russia, the United States and the European Union welcomed it, but Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan questioned its steadfastness.

For her part, the researcher on Middle East and Russian issues, Yelena Subunina, said that since the beginning of the crisis in Libya, Russia has been working with all parties to solve it, and it has carried out many mediation, and it is also dealing with the agreement announced today with caution because the Libyans have already reached many agreements, but without Implementation of.

She added that the agreement signed today faces many difficulties, noting that it cannot be applied on the ground. International consensus has begun to form around Libya, but what is required today is the emergence of an agreement between the Libyan leaders themselves, and Russia will not hesitate to support this agreement and will seek with the Libyans to implement it as soon as possible.

In turn, the Turkish writer and journalist Gurkan Zengin said that the agreement between the parties lacks the participation of active states in the country, in addition to that Turkey has not been involved in it, and that the agreement requires the Government of National Accord to stop in the regions of Sirte and Al-Jufrah without progress, and this will not achieve anything for it and will keep the situation As it is now.

He added that the reality on the ground is completely different from the agreement signed in Geneva, as today there are about 5,000 mercenaries in Libya belonging to many countries, and the agreement has not been signed on any clear basis about the areas of control and who they are, in addition to the fate of those who committed war crimes against the Libyans. And the countries supporting it.

It is noteworthy that the agreement signed by the delegations of the Government of National Accord and the forces of Khalifa Haftar after 5 days of the talks of the Libyan Joint Military Committee in Geneva, stipulates the withdrawal of military forces from all fronts, the start of work to unify them, and the departure of foreign mercenaries from Libya.

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