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A new attack on human rights activists in Egypt, why now?

Egyptian human rights activist Ahmed Samih said that the EIPR is an independent institution that has been working for years in the country and trying to change the reality of human rights, and that it has been in continuous dialogue with the Egyptian state for a long time.

Samih added – in his interview to the episode (20/11/2020) of the “Beyond the News” program – that the Egyptian state is seeking, through arresting activists, to know the extent of the expected pressure, to set its next strategy in dealing with the human rights file, expecting the activists to be released in Coming days.

He added that the Egyptian authorities are aware in advance that members of the initiative have met with ambassadors of 13 European countries recently, and if the authorities accuse those they arrested of supporting the Muslim Brotherhood, then this means that there are 13 countries that support the Muslim Brotherhood, and the Egyptian state should sever its relations with these countries, just as the Egyptian law does not It stipulates that such meetings are prohibited.

The Egyptian authorities’ arrest of a number of members of the “Egyptian Initiative for Personal Rights” against the backdrop of their meeting with foreign ambassadors who visited the organization’s headquarters sparked a wave of condemnation expressed by the US State Department and a number of European countries and human rights organizations, which demanded Cairo to change its behavior.

For his part, Egyptian political and human rights researcher Asaad Heikal said that the criticism should be directed at the human rights organization and not the Egyptian authority, because this organization receives support from abroad, in addition to the fact that its members’ meetings with Western ambassadors put the Egyptian authorities in great embarrassment, so the Egyptian authorities are trying to limit this. Activities affecting the Egyptian interior.

He added that the meeting took place without the knowledge of the Egyptian authorities, and warned that the reports issued by these institutions are in the interest of the Muslim Brotherhood, which Egypt classifies as a terrorist group, and these arrests do not affect Egypt’s relationship with Western countries and major powers.

In turn, Adam Shapiro, Campaigns Officer at Front Line Defender, said that there is no justification for arresting human rights activists and accusing them of financing or supporting a terrorist group is a shameful statement, and it is the right of country ambassadors to collect information about the human rights environment of any country. Restrictions on such activities.

He added that the world knows what the Egyptian authorities are doing in terms of arrest and silencing campaigns, and the recent arrest of activists adds insult to injury, and the Egyptian government’s policy is not based on granting full rights to the Egyptian citizen, and the existence of a new American administration will change the American rhetoric towards Egypt.

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