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A new racist decision .. Israel withholds Corona vaccine from the prisoners

The Israeli Minister of Internal Security, Amir Ohana stressed that providing the Corona vaccine to Palestinian prisoners in the occupation prisons is subject to a permission from the government.

Israeli media said that Ohana issued instructions on Saturday evening to the Prisons Authority not to give prisoners vaccinations against Corona.

He linked the vaccination units to obtaining permits from the official authorities, while allowing employees and workers in the Prisons Authority to receive the vaccine, and it is expected that it will start distributing it to them next week.

For its part, the Palestinian Prisoners Club held the Israeli occupation authorities fully responsible for the lives and fate of the prisoners, and called on the international community to oblige them to provide them with a Corona vaccine.

In a press release, the Al-Asir Club affirmed that this racist decision is a new violation that adds to a long list of violations of the prisoner’s right to treatment.

And he called on the international community to oblige the occupation to provide the necessary treatment to the prisoners, and to hold it accountable for its ongoing systematic crimes.

He said, “At a time when humanity is facing the Corona pandemic, Israel is continuing its racist policy, as it has turned the epidemic into a tool of repression and abuse against the prisoners.”

The club renewed its demand for a neutral medical committee, with the participation of the International Red Cross, to supervise and monitor the vaccination process for prisoners.

Before the issuance of the Israeli minister’s decision, the head of the Prisoners’ Authority, Qadri Abu Bakr, said that the prisoners informed him that the prison administration intends to vaccinate them and has already started registering the names of those wishing to be vaccinated.

He added in statements to Anadolu Agency, “We left the prisoners the freedom to decide whether to take vaccination or not to take it,” explaining that the available information indicates that the vaccination that will be distributed is an American production.

And 140 cases of corona were recorded among the prisoners in the occupation prisons, who number about 4,400 prisoners, including 41 women, while the number of child detainees reached about 170, and the administrative detainees (without charge) about 380, according to official Palestinian data.

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