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A parliamentary judicial committee accuses Trump as the House of Representatives begins voting session on his accusation of incitement

The Judicial Committee of the US House of Representatives held the outgoing President Donald Trump responsible for his supporters ’storming of the Congress building last week, at a time when the House votes on a resolution accusing Trump of inciting the revolt. Preparation for his trial in Parliament.

Today, Wednesday, the Judicial Committee in the House of Representatives published a report on the storming of Congress during the confirmation session on the victory of President-elect Joe Biden, in which it said that Trump’s assertion during his speech on his “unfounded” claims about the election results; Make his supporters believe that the democratic process is a threat to the country.

The report cited Trump’s speech to his supporters before the storming operation, urging them to go to Congress.

The report stated that despite the president’s suggestion that his supporters approach Congress peacefully, the general content of his speech was a threat, which his supporters understood.

The leader of the Democrats in the Senate, Chuck Schumer, stressed the need to prosecute those involved in the congressional storming, warning that they threaten internal and national security, and that they are determined to commit and incite more violence.

Schumer called on the authorities to blacklist all those who participated in the storming of Congress to prevent air travel.

Representatives vote
The House of Representatives – which is controlled by the Democrats – began this evening a session to consider a draft resolution presented by 3 Democratic lawmakers accusing Trump of inciting the revolt. This allows proceedings to begin his trial in Congress only 8 days before the end of his term.

Leader of the Democratic majority in the House of Representatives, Steny Heuer, told MSNBC, “We will not wait, and we will transfer the impeachment procedures to the Senate as soon as possible,” considering that there is no reason not to refer the impeachment procedures to the Senate this week.

The leader of the Democratic majority accused Trump of breaking the oath and inciting the armed rebellion, and that he did everything to intimidate officials who reveal the truth, and said that his actions warrant an urgent response. Hoyer emphasized that a number of Republicans believe these measures are necessary.

As Democratic Representative Ilhan Omar said, “In order for us to live as a democracy, there must be immediate accountability and impeachment of the president.”

“We hope that the Republicans join the efforts to impeach the president,” CNN quoted Democratic Representative Val Demings as saying.

She added that the impeachment measures related to the constitutional duty to hold the president accountable, saying that “no treachery has occurred more than the one carried out by the president.”

“We have been attacked by terrorists who have been recruited in the United States, and Trump has instigated them, and he must be removed,” said Democratic Representative Judy Cho.

In turn, Democratic Representative Al Green said that the healing of the wounds of this country must begin immediately.

Democratic Representative Lloyd Doggett believed that Trump had tried to overthrow the government and Congress, and that this was something to be impeached.

Doggett added that the president encouraged thieves of democracy around the world and did the same thing last week, as he put it.

Democratic Representative Shaila Lee accused the president of directly contributing to what happened and that he called “terrorists” to violence.

Representative Guy Reichthaler also accused the president of calling on his supporters not to use violence and demonstrate peacefully, even though he committed to a peaceful transfer of power.

Democratic Representative Jim McGovern considered that Trump is not fit to be in this position, adding, “If this does not warrant impeachment, I do not know what actions are necessary for that.”

For her part, Democratic Representative Cathy Custer said that what Trump had done and his incitement to violence was “the greatest betrayal committed by a president in the history of our country.”

Democratic Representative Peter Welch said Trump incited violence, adding, “If we want unity, we must hold him accountable and impeach him.”

As Democratic Representative Julia Brownlee said, “I call on the Republicans to vote on this resolution and protect the constitution.”

Heavy guard for Congress in today’s session (Reuters)

From the Republican Party, Representative Rodney Davis said, “What we saw last week scared us, and showed the opponents how to target the government.”

In an interview with “CNN,” Republican Representative Ken Buck said that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is leading the impeachment efforts because she has a small majority and wants to collect donations, stressing that he will vote against the impeachment measures because it divides the country.

“We should not take the isolation measures suddenly, but rather after long hearings and deliberations,” Buck added.

Republican Representative Dan Bishop also said that Democrats did not specify how Trump incited violence as they claim, but at the same time he said that perpetrators of violence should be held accountable.

Republican Representative Jim Jordan said, “I do not know where to go, but this isolation project is a danger to the country … Americans are tired of the double standards adopted by the Democrats.”

As for Republican Representative Jason Smith, he considered that Trump’s impeachment measures are reckless and risky the country, and he continued, “We must investigate what happened and the reasons for the failure of the security services to protect Congress.”

Republican Representative Nancy Mays also said that she believes that the president and anyone who contributed to the violence should be held accountable, arguing that the House of Representatives has the right to initiate impeachment procedures, but the urgency raises constitutional questions.

The Mayor of New York announced that the city had ended all its contracts with the Trump Organization due to the events of the congressional storming.

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