Home / news / A previously undiscovered species of electric eel which delivers a shock with more than three times the voltage of a domestic plug socket has been discovered in the Amazon rainforest.

A previously undiscovered species of electric eel which delivers a shock with more than three times the voltage of a domestic plug socket has been discovered in the Amazon rainforest.

A beforehand undiscovered species of electrical eel which delivers a shock with greater than 3 times the voltage of a home plug socket has been found within the Amazon rainforest.

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  2. Anyone want to go in with me on a new business idea I just had, the “Electric Eel Electricity Producing Shock” farm or EEEPS for short? Or we could all just power our homes of the future with our own “shock pools”. I’m taking this idea to Kanye

  3. Discovering new species in the Amazon? Well it was nice while it lasted.

  4. Voltage is a meaningless measure without amperage. A tiny spark when touching a doorknob can have thousands of volts, but next to no amperage and so, is harmless.

  5. Can we use it’s battery chemistry?

  6. Nobody lived to tell the tale before I guess.

  7. Gonna kick up the horsepower of my Prius with THOSE puppies!

    Yeah, baby!

  8. *Que South Park bank scene, but with Brazilian banker*

    “eeEEEEEee se foi.”

  9. Just discovered and about to go extinct.

  10. These kinds of discorvers will certainly be soon reduced as we kill the Amazon and our mass extinction continues to gather steam.

  11. Shockingly, it was delicious.

  12. It was a shocking discovery, say the scientists who made the discovery.

  13. Imagine being the bastard unlucky enough to know what a wall socket shock feels like, and then finding out what a shock from this eel felt like.

  14. Meh, voltage isn’t as exiting as the headline wants it to be. For example, the static shock you sometimes get when touch your car can get up to 20 000V and even the sparks you see when pulling off a jersey are around 700V. This eel’s really high for an animal, but it doesn’t really equate to it having a significant shock.

    Amps (aka. current) are the unit that matters. So a high voltage electric eel would have the potential to overcome a greater resistance, so a longer range in the water or being able to shock a prey with thicker skin, but it doesnt necessarily have the current to actually do major damage to a human. Just as your jersey has the voltage to cause the surrounding air to conduct electricity, but couldnt hurt a fly.

  15. Thus paving the way for smaller, faster hovercrafts.

  16. And…….


    It’s gone.


    “What do you mean gone?”


    It’s gone.


    Burnt in the Amazon fire

  17. Sounds like the solution to the energy crisis.

  18. ~~A typical electric can generate a change in potential of up to 500volts @ 1amp.~~

    ~~Does this mean that this eel can deliver 1500 v @ 1 amp?~~

    >During field measurements using a voltmeter, the researchers recorded a discharge of 860 volts, the highest found in any animal, for a specimen of E. voltai. The strongest shock previously recorded was 650 volts.

  19. Today’s modern super animals

  20. That must have been a fun discovery for the person wading through the river.

  21. And then it went extinct because of the forest fires. RIP!

  22. Well there you have it. Nature preparing to fight back.

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