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A ray of hope from England .. Thousands of fans will be in the stadiums soon

The British government will allow fans to return to football stadiums with a maximum of 10,000 fans from mid-May, as part of a plan it launched on Monday to ease the restrictions of public isolation due to Covid-19 in England.

According to the third phase of the plan, the stadiums, if they adhere to all the required standards, could receive half the capacity of the stands or 4,000 fans, starting from May 17th.

An exceptional review will take place at large stadiums, so the permitted number could be as high as 10,000, or a quarter of the total capacity.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson said that “the gates to the sports stadiums will be opened again.”

English stadiums opened their doors for a short period last December and allowed a limited number of fans, but the government imposed general isolation again after a new wave of HIV infections.

With the decrease in the number of injuries after the isolation measures and the start of the vaccination campaign, the return of the masses has become possible before the end of the football season.

The Football Association welcomed the decision, saying in a statement, “We are definitely pleased with the return of the fans soon, and football is not the same with the absence of the fans, and we look forward to full stadiums when the conditions are as safe as possible.”

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