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A “refreshed” Ronaldo prepares to lead Juventus to Porto in the Champions League

After getting a rest earlier this week, Cristiano Ronaldo is expected to return to lead the Juventus attack when they host Porto on Tuesday evening, in the second leg of the Champions League round of 16.

The always refreshed Ronaldo, the brilliant Alvaro Morata and the young activist Federico Chiesa represent a striking attacking force that Juventus can rely on greatly in this confrontation, through which he is looking to avoid leaving the round of 16 for the second season in a row.

Unusually, Ronaldo sat on the bench at the start of the match against Lazio yesterday, Saturday, which ended in favor of Juventus 3-1, to keep the old lady’s team its third place in the Italian league.

Ronaldo did not participate until the last minutes of the match as a substitute for Morata, who scored two goals and led the team to a precious victory over a stubborn opponent.

“Fantastic victory! Let’s continue our career, guys,” wrote Ronaldo on Instagram.

The victory over Lazio represented a great boost to Juventus before the decisive confrontation with Porto, who won 2-1 at home in the first leg.

Juventus need to win a clean goal or win any other result by two goals to settle for them the card to qualify for the quarter-finals.

Andrea Pirlo, the Juventus coach, described Ronaldo sitting on the bench in the Lazio match as a “planned rest,” and that brought back good memories to the fans.

In March 2019, Ronaldo had received a similar rest, and then returned to score a hat-trick and lead Juventus to a 3-2 victory over Atletico Madrid in the round of 16 in the European Championship.

Last year, Ronaldo also got a rest during the Italian League match and then returned after he scored a double that led the team to victory over French Lyon 2-1, but Lyon qualified for the quarter-finals after the two teams drew with a total score of 2-2 and the French team benefited from the goal calculation rule Outside of earth.

Ronaldo, 36, is top scorer in the Italian league with 20 goals, and has scored 4 goals in 5 matches in the Champions League this season, strengthening his record by raising his record in the tournament record to 134 goals.

As for Morata, who was a player at Atletico Madrid in 2019, he scored 6 goals for Juventus during 7 matches in the European Championship, and has made good performances alongside Ronaldo since he joined Juventus again last September, knowing that he won the Italian League title with the team. In both 2015 and 2016.

“When you play with the best striker ever, the first thing you think about is his support and then the scoring comes second in priority,” said Morata, who has scored 16 goals in 31 games this season.

“If he is not playing, you think about shooting yourself more. When he is on the field, he is like a robot that always scores, so you have to pass the ball to him.”

With Paulo Dybala suffering in his attempts to recover from knee problems, Federico Chiesa played a prominent role in Juventus’ attack, as he scored 9 goals for the team and made 7 other goals and has adapted well to the team’s playing style.

Chiesa said after the Lazio match that the team performs well through teamwork as a unit, and explained, “When I extracted the ball in construction for the second goal (which Morata scored), this was thanks to the team’s work.”

Chiesa, 23, scored his second goal in the Champions League, in the first-leg match against Porto, and the goal may have a role in resolving the qualifying card.

Brazilian defender Danilo is absent from Juventus due to the suspension, but other defenders are expected to return, Leonardo Bonucci, Mattis de Ligt, and perhaps veteran Giorgio Chiellini as well.

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