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A retreat or a threat of war? .. A disagreement over the interpretation of Sisi’s statements about the Renaissance Dam

The Egyptians’ reactions to President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi’s statements, on Wednesday, regarding the Renaissance Dam, varied, depending on their different understanding of the significance of what was stated in these statements regarding behavior in the face of the Ethiopian position that Cairo describes as intransigent.

Activists on social media were divided into two groups, the first of which was that Sisi continued his recent expression of a firm position on the Renaissance Dam, based on the phrase “all options are open” that he mentioned in his statements, while the other team focused on what he considered a retreat from Sisi. He appeared through his discussion of the dire consequences of the wars, recalling the 1967 setback and before that, the Yemen War in 1962 and their negative impact on Egypt.

During his statements, which came during the opening of the “Smart and Secured Publications Complex”, Al-Sisi said that cooperation and agreement are better for all, calling for knowledge of the consequences of military confrontations, and recalling the military confrontations in Iraq and their impact on it.

Al-Sisi sent a message to the “brothers” in Ethiopia, saying, “Do not blash a stage. You touch a point of water from Egypt .. The options are all open .. Cooperation is better,” stressing that the concern of Egyptians is justified with regard to water, and he made it clear that he did not change his talk about Ethiopia’s right to development, but on the condition that it is not Affects Egypt’s water rights.

Sisi’s supporters praised his statements and his threat that all options are open, and saw that they confirm his steadfast stance on undermining Egypt’s water security.

Some of them considered the statements as a last chance for Ethiopia to spare the region the scourge of war, a release of liability to the international community, and a message to the world that the Egyptian military solution has approached.

On the other hand, the opponents saw that Sisi’s talk about the costs of the military confrontations is a clear retreat from his previous statements in which he declared that touching water is a red line, and that the impact of the encroachment on water will have serious repercussions on the entire region.

Some commentators said that Sisi must remember that he himself is the most important reason for Ethiopia’s intransigence in signing the agreement of principles in exchange for a worthless verbal promise from the Ethiopian prime minister.

The Egyptian President had said a few days ago, that taking one drop of Egypt’s share in the Nile waters is considered a transgression of the red lines, and that it will be met by an earthquake response that leads to destabilization of the entire region, and that no one imagines that it is far from Egypt’s ability.

The Egyptian Foreign Ministry said that the Kinshasa meetings – which began last Saturday – did not achieve progress, and did not lead to an agreement regarding the re-launch of the Renaissance Dam negotiations, and accused Ethiopia of rejecting all the proposals and alternatives put forward by Egypt and supported by Sudan to advance the negotiations, and it also said that it rejected Sudan’s proposal, which it supported. Cairo to form a quadripartite mediation committee.

Egyptian Foreign Minister Sameh Shoukry confirmed that the Ethiopian side is obstinate and obstructs any effort, and that Egypt and Sudan have provided a lot of flexibility in the negotiations, indicating that Cairo and Khartoum will move towards international parties.

On the other hand, Ethiopia is moving forward with its plans to complete the construction and operation of the dam in accordance with the agreement of principles, and the Ethiopian Minister of Water and Irrigation, Slichi Bakli, said that his country has proceeded with the process of the second filling of the Renaissance Dam, and rejects the efforts of Egypt and Sudan to enter international mediators on the crisis line, being an abortion of the role The African Union and an attempt to block the completion of the Renaissance Dam.

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