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A Third of Poland Declared ‘LGBT-Free Zone’

A Third of Poland Declared ‘LGBT-Free Zone’

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  1. Imagine caring this much about who a person sleeps with

  2. Hey, remember when we got invaded by a guy who didn’t tolerate our choices and who we were born as? Good thing we learned from that experience ha ha..

  3. ‘A third of Poland declared ‘ Jewish free zone’ ‘ – Hitler, probably.

  4. > The non-binding resolutions

    It might have no legal ramifications, but it’s all about intimidating the LGBTs and signaling their electorate.

  5. “lmao what the fuck is an eu human rights regulation” – polish municipalities

  6. imagine caring more about this than catholic child rape. dont see no protests in poland for that in the name of god.

  7. As a country who suffered so much during WWII, one would assume that they would have more empathy towards the “others”. Apparently, humanity doesn’t learn.

  8. As a Pole myself, I’m incredibly disgusted by this

  9. Disgusting regression into far right populism and religious fanaticism

  10. What happens when young people well enough off to leave your country do so in droves. Then again I can hardly blame them.

  11. Is this “get out of here or we’ll arrest you” or Russia’s “they simply do not exist here and I’m appalled that you would suggest such disgusting people exist. I’m also sure that if such people did exist they would ///magically/// disappear.”

  12. Taking too much interest in what same-sex adults do in the privacy of their own bedrooms sounds pretty gay to me

  13. Ah, conservative fascists take control of Poland.

    We’ve seen this before. The right wing is out of control.

  14. For a country that got invaded by Nazis and Soviets. Smh.

  15. Are they going to make LGBT folks wear a rainbow badge with LGBT on it too? You know, to stay in line with history.


  16. “Their progressive gay genes will hinder the quality of our offspring” Poland lol

  17. They’re worried about children getting sexualized while the Catholic priests have been raping children for a very long time and are worshipped as celebrities there. I’m ashamed to be Polish because of this. 🙁

  18. Well, I now declare Poland a ZennerBlue free zone.

    Stroke that one off the list of countries I was mildly interested in visiting.

  19. Meanwhile catholic Priests continue to fiddle kids

  20. I feel like some shit went down in Poland not all that long ago that was related to discrimination. The details are kinda foggy. Anyone remember? I’m sure there were human rights abuses at a minimum, people were displaced. Shit, just can’t remember….

  21. I imagine winged rainbow hussars.

  22. Wow are they literally praying the gay away? What if they tried doing something actually useful?

  23. “A third of Poland”, 100 municipalities.

  24. Huh you’d think a country that was invaded and had a portion of its population selectively segregated and murdered would rebel against this type of thing.

  25. Yet another country too much religion has fucked in the head.

  26. Damn Catholics and their hate.

  27. Eu should declare 2/3 of poland subsidy and investment free zone

  28. The Nazis did the same thing. The first group they attacked was the LGBT and gypsies communities. This is typical fascism. First attack those at the fringes of society that they can all agree are bad people. Really disgusting watching Poland fight for freedom from the Russians and communism for so many years, to only go right back to fascism. It turns my stomach.

  29. How can this be allowed within the EU?

  30. Yeah, good luck with that. LGBT people live everywhere, whether or not you suppress their ability to love and be human, they’re still there.

  31. Poland is the new epicenter of white nationalism. Which is funny becuase poles were considered not human by their fellow Europeans like the Germans. Now that they have cemented their status as “real” whites they are going to bathe in all of pride and privilege that comes with that title.

  32. I think they meant to say it was declared a ‘LGBT-Closet Zone’.
    It doesn’t make the gay go away, it just means no one is honest about their sexual preferences if they don’t fall under a strictly heterosexual moniker. Stupidist statement I have seen in a while.

  33. Doing the 4th reich thing are we

  34. It’s just religion harming society again. Like it has done thousands or millions of times in the past.

    Nothing new here.

    The religious will find ways to make themselves look like victims as they hate on yet another group. Priests will continue to froth at the mouth about certain people being ‘evil’ as they collect their paycheck.

    This is just what religion does and has done for thousands of years.

  35. aww no hot lesbian sex 🙁

  36. At a time and day in age as this, this is their maian concern. Holy moly..

  37. Yeah I was disgusted by reading news on it. I am myself, gay Polish who became naturalized US citizen and live now in the San Francisco Bay Area as one of the most LGBT friendly zones in the world. The tech companies here encourage to participate in pride parades in June and host even their own events on campus.

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