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A Turkish-European agreement to define concrete steps to improve relations

Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu announced that Ankara and the European Union agree to work on a roadmap in order to define concrete steps that can be taken to improve relations between the two sides, while the foreign ministers of the European Union countries are expected to discuss relations between the bloc and Turkey next Monday.

This came in press statements today, Friday, made by the minister from the headquarters of the permanent Turkish representative to the European Union, after talks with European officials in the Belgian capital, Brussels.

Cavusoglu explained that Turkish officials saw the same seriousness of their European counterparts towards improving relations, stressing Ankara’s desire to translate this in practice.

He indicated that work is continuing to set a date for the visit of European Council Presidents Charles Michel and the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen, to Turkey at the invitation of President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, and he also presented Ankara’s demands for the normalization of relations with the European Union.

Cavusoglu: Turkish officials have seen the same seriousness of their European counterparts towards improving relations (Anatolia)

Positive atmosphere

He pointed out that a positive atmosphere in relations between the two sides had been formed after the summit of European Union leaders that was held in December 2020, but he confirmed in a tweet after his meeting with European Council President Charles Michel that “no result can be reached using the language of sanctions.” .

The minister indicated that last year was accompanied by problems in terms of relations between Turkey and the European Union, adding, “But a hand was extended to Turkey during the summit of the leaders of the Union, and Turkey responded to that.”

He stated that Turkey wants to form the best relations with all those who take a positive approach towards it, stressing that Ankara is sincere and abides by any promise it makes.

He stated that the European Union is aware of the importance of relations with Turkey, saying, “Everyone knows that problems will not be solved in a short time, and there is determination to make this (positive) phase permanent by working on the roadmap that I talked about, defining it, and taking concrete steps.”

European optimism warns of improved relations with Ankara (Reuters)

Welcome and advice

These European officials welcomed the Turkish president’s declared desire to calm down. Von der Leyen said, “Dialogue is necessary, but we are waiting for credible steps.”

The Europeans advised Turkey to “refrain from any activity that might fuel tension,” and reminded Turkish officials that they would take a decision on sanctions during a European summit next March based on an assessment of Ankara’s behavior, according to a European source.

“We want to see if Turkey’s commitment is permanent or temporary,” a European diplomat said.

The foreign ministers of the European Union countries will discuss relations between the bloc and Turkey on Monday. In a statement to Agence France-Presse, Luxembourg Foreign Minister Jan Asselbrunn confirmed that “there is no way to turn a blind eye” to activities that create tensions.

European officials decided during their summit last December to impose sanctions against the backdrop of Turkey’s continuing gas exploration and exploration work in the eastern Mediterranean.

It is possible that an agreement will be announced on Monday on the names of several persons or companies participating in exploration activities, which will be added to a list previously drawn up that includes the names of officials from the “Turkish Petroleum Corporation”, who were prevented from obtaining travel visas and froze their assets in the European Union, according to what a European diplomat told news agency. The French Press.

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