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A UN plane brings Yemeni patients back to Sana’a after being treated in Jordan

A UN plane arrived at the airport of the Yemeni capital, Sanaa, on Sunday, carrying patients who were receiving treatment in the Kingdom of Jordan.

The World Health Organization office in Yemen said, “A United Nations flight carrying Yemeni civilians and their companions has just landed in Sana’a.”

He added, “Thanks to the operations of the United Nations medical air bridge, patients received treatment in Jordan for various chronic conditions that they suffer from and which cannot be treated inside Yemen.”

The office said that the patients were receiving treatment in Jordan after their travel from Yemen last February, as part of a medical air bridge operation to transport patients with severe cases.

This comes at a time when the Houthi movement continues to close Sanaa airport to UN humanitarian flights since last September 9, due to the exhaustion of fuel in the areas under its control in Yemen.

Despite the closure, the group on Tuesday allowed the arrival of 3 international humanitarian flights through Sanaa airport, affiliated with the International Committee of the Red Cross, Doctors Without Borders and the World Food Program.

The WHO office announced that negotiations are still ongoing with the Houthis, with the aim of permanently opening Sanaa airport to humanitarian flights.

The Houthis say that the areas under their control suffer a major fuel crisis due to the continued detention of the Arab coalition and the Yemeni government of 19 oil ships and preventing them from reaching the port of Hodeidah in western Yemen, while the Yemeni government stresses that the fuel crisis in the Houthi areas is contrived by the leadership of the group.

Sanaa airport is an essential gateway for transporting UN and other aid to international organizations such as the Red Cross and Doctors Without Borders, in addition to transporting UN staff.

For the sixth year since, Yemen is witnessing a violent war between government forces and the Houthis, which has resulted in the death of 112,000, including 12,000 civilians, according to United Nations estimates.

Since 2015, a Saudi-led coalition has been carrying out military operations in support of government forces, in the face of the Iranian-backed Houthis, who control several provinces, including the capital, Sanaa.

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