Home / news / A US citizen, who once begged for President Trump’s help, has died after more than six years without a fair trial in an Egyptian prison.

A US citizen, who once begged for President Trump’s help, has died after more than six years without a fair trial in an Egyptian prison.

A US citizen, who once begged for President Trump’s help, has died after more than six years without a fair trial in an Egyptian prison.

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  1. Remember that the Egyptian military has killed a verified 800 unarmed protesters in a single day to delete Egypt’s fledgling democracy, and James Mattis was meeting with the Egyptian military to help them retake control as this happened.


  2. Sisi is nothing more than a butcher. We all complain about Hong Kong, but this man *[gunned down over 4,000 protesters in one day in 2013](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/August_2013_Rabaa_massacre)*. Ever since, he’s arrested tens of thousands of Egyptians, tortured them in prisons and murdered them for voicing their political opinions. They’ve even imprisoned *[women for speaking out against sexual harassment](https://www.amnesty.org/en/latest/campaigns/2018/08/my-wife-was-imprisoned-for-speaking-out-against-sexual-harassment-in-egypt/)*. We like to think of China, North Korea, and Iran as evil states (no arguments there), but we tend to forget that we’re no different when we support and provide “aid” to regimes that do just as much evil if not more.

  3. Completely omitted is the fact that Kassem was a dual citizen of the Egypt and the USA

    A core tenet of dual nationals is that when dealing with either one of your home-countries, your citizenship with the other-country is ignored. Any citizen of Egypt who presents themselves to the government of Egypt as as American is essentially committing treason. This is true everywhere for dual nationals.

    Dual citizenship comes with added responsibilities and liabilities as well as privileges. The US State department is clear about that.

    If Kassem had renounced his Egyptian citizenship before this all happened, then the situation would be totally different.

    It’s irresponsible to omit this important fact.

  4. As much as I hate the guy this is a bullshit headline. He begged Obama, too.

  5. Does that mean he also begged for Obama’s help or was he more comfortable back then?

  6. Why did he go on a hunger strike? What was he hoping to get from doing that? He even said that he knew he wouldn’t survive a hunger strike, so did he just want to die?

  7. 2013 he was arrested. Why didn’t he write Obama?

  8. Is “who once begged for President Trump’s help” really the most important modifier for this person?

  9. Ok. I’m not a Trump supported, but wtf.

    The dude was in prison even when Obama was in the office. I see this headline as a total silly way to make Trump look the certain way.

    The thing with Trump is that there is so much to dislike about him, why even bring him up in this story?

  10. Trump has been in office for 3 years of those 6 years. Did Obama do anything in the other 3 years when this guy was in jail? Not to blame Obama here, but the news title here is clearly biased. Drag Trump into the title to get clicks.

  11. 6 years? Sounds like Obama didn’t give a fuck either

  12. Title is pretty clearly baiting with Trump’s name for clicks.

  13. The article doesn’t list a single fact about why he was put in jail. Without that fact, I’m not sure how any critical assessment here can be done one way or another.

  14. TIL Trump has been in office for 6 years

  15. LEt me preface this by saying I hate Trump too. But why are they pinning this only on him if he has been in prison for more than 6 years?

  16. 1. He died from his own hunger strike.
    2. Obama had a chance to get him out too.
    3. No mention of why he was arrested from this article.

    Headline and OP should be ashamed.

  17. so rather than blame the egyptians we will use this to attack trump

  18. Ah, CNN. Ever the clickbait titles. This guy was imprisoned before Trump even knew he was running for office. I’m not even American so I’m a supporter of no one but seriously, at best you can blame trump for not continuing Obama’s attempts to set this man free. Unless Obama wasn’t trying…

  19. How convenient to leave out the hunger strike from the headline.

  20. The media refused to cover the story, only until it turned into a hate Trump situation, then they stepped in.

    This would be a non story if the guy was still alive. No president helped him, this does not fall squarely on the shoulders of Trump.

  21. Isn’t it interesting how within one day the same article is posted by almost every new agency and it isn’t even breaking news. I’d expect this sort of reaction for something a bit more urgent. Just goes to show the state of our media…

    Look, this seems to have been an issue for 6 years, it seems like the majority of the time US officials knew about his and other peoples plights in Egypt and did nothing for half the time he was imprisoned. But now that someone you dislike is in office it all of a sudden becomes an issue. He isn’t the only American detained there ATM by the way.

  22. Really trying to get everything to relate to Trump even in the most minuscule way possible. Can’t wait for more of this shit once the election cycle really kicks in

  23. If he’s been in an Egyptian prison for 6 years then half of that time was under Obama. Kinda unfair to lay this completely on Trump.

  24. Trump wasn’t a president 6 years ago…

  25. After more than six years in an Egyptian prison…

    Somehow Trump’s fault but no fault of Obama or…you know…the Egyptian government who apparently unfairly put him in a prison.

    Seems legit.

  26. Ok but Obama didn’t help him either during the two years he was imprisoned under Obama.

    What a stupid piece of shit article

  27. gotta work trump in there somehow….

  28. Which president did he write to before Trump took office?

    Six years, right?

  29. OP is a legit moron. Check his post history – coupled with the fact he dragged Trump into this like it’s only his fault. You said it yourself OP, six years.


  30. Can’t believe Trump ignored this guy for SIX years

  31. Stories like these, make me appreciate and take for granted America. I still wonder why people say they hate this country when they live in it. Yeah it could be better, but it could be a whole lot worse. RIP to this man.

  32. Islam and cruelty, almost synonyms

  33. All bad things are Donald trump’s fault

  34. Their country, their rules. Avoid countries where democracy isn’t a thing ot you’re in danger the moment you entered and no one is going to rescue you.

  35. He probably shouldn’t have gone on a hunger strike.

  36. Obama the Great never got him out?

  37. Trump is responsible for everything bad that happens in this world.

  38. If trump had attempted to intervene the headlines would criticise him for meddling in another country’s justice system and of being an imperialist.

  39. Too bad he wasn’t a famous rapper.

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