Home / news / A US-Taliban agreement to be signed shortly will allow for complete US troop withdrawal from Afghanistan in 14 months, officials say.

A US-Taliban agreement to be signed shortly will allow for complete US troop withdrawal from Afghanistan in 14 months, officials say.

A US-Taliban agreement to be signed shortly will allow for complete US troop withdrawal from Afghanistan in 14 months, officials say.

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  1. Sounds like NATO also agreed to this deal.

    I have been wanting an end to the war for a very long time. I am really hoping this is a real deal that actually works.

  2. So. Was anything accomplished in Afghanistan?

  3. Almost 20 years and what do we have to show for it? How many deaths? How many dollars wasted? And FWIW, I’ll believe in a troop withdrawal when it actually happens.

  4. For perspective, in modern times, this is considered a win for the Taliban, correct? Two nations don’t clash on a field until one waives a white flag anymore so I’m assuming this is what a modern victory looks like; just survive and fight here and there, until the larger nation recognizes you, signs a peace treaty with you and then leaves.

  5. Does anyone remember how we ended the war in Vietnam with the Paris Peace Accords? We negotiated a settlement with the enemy, didn’t really do anything for our allies in the South, and less than a year later, Vietnam was overrun by the communists.

    This is just Vietnam all over again.

  6. Thankfully Saul Berenson was able to negotiate this during his kidnapping.

  7. Only to be replaced by private military (Blackwater/Academi).

  8. Sunken cost fallacy is strong here. We’re pulling out because of what you’re all saying, after 20 years we haven’t accomplished much of anything. This is not a reason to spend another 20 years in the region.

  9. “We never negotiate with terrorists.” Americans.

  10. Taliban winning. Lol. The Russians gave up too!

  11. You know it’s an election year when shit starts getting done that everyone agrees with.

  12. So Saul, Haqqani and the ISI are getting along now ?

  13. So now Afganistan is going to be left alone to deal with the Taliban (who already control half the country), with no guarantees or protection from outside. I wonder what will happen?

  14. The Military Industrial Complex comes out the winner of the longest war in American history, bravo to all the billions you made while simultaneously ruining and ending the lives of millions of others!

    “WAR is a racket. It always has been. It is possibly the oldest, easily the most profitable, surely the most vicious. It is the only one international in scope. It is the only one in which the profits are reckoned in dollars and the losses in lives.” – Major General Smedley Butler

  15. Trump will actually get a good win for once. Get
    Us. The. Fuck. Out.

    US problems in Afghanistan can’t be fixed with US troops. Let’s wrap up Vietnam 2 already.

  16. Victory = Signing agreement with the enemy to “allow” us to withdraw? Can any qualified military general out there explain this to me? I’m just an ignorant civilian.

  17. History suggests that the best way to deal with Afghanistan, a region called The Deathbed of Empires is to let your enemy have it.

  18. Whatever happened with the Iraqi demand to withdraw ?

  19. For Reddit where the majority of this community users are concerned about sensitivity towards other topics, you guys/gals sure are as un-sensitive as can be about this topic. Why not focus on the fact this could mean the end of deployments for the majority of our military?

    Most of the complaints on here focus on big business and losing money for a war that “doesn’t make sense”. There are parents, mothers, fathers, sons and daughters that lost loved ones forever. Do you really think the majority who have been deploying agree we should still be there? No, not at all, the mindset is “Let’s go do whatever the hell they want us to do, keep all our boys/gals safe and go back home”.

    Any agreement, that brings everybody back home is the only good decision here.

  20. If the soldiers are pulled out, then i won’t think twice about giving credit to the administration for this

  21. 20 years to remove the Talibans from power and u end up signing a peace deal with them.

  22. So uh, they legitimately came to this agreement without any involvement by the Afghan government…?

  23. The Taliban will be back in power in 15 months, if not sooner.

  24. ITT: People in support of continuing the war.

    I’m sorry are you guys delusional enough to think we would be able to leave Afghanistan on our own terms? It was always going to be a “bad deal”, we shouldn’t have been there in the first place. Our options are to either negotiate a withdrawal, continue the war as we have been doing, or to seriously step up the war effort i.e. massive land invasion and massive airstrike campaign. For the last option we would have to basically engage in full scale war with the Taliban, attacking military and civilian targets.

  25. This is gonna age well. I guarantee it.

  26. Reddit: we need to end the pointless war in Afghanistan!!
    Trump agrees to pull troops, ending the war.
    Reddit: wtf I need to be mad somehow!

  27. It is an incomplete agreement. It does not resolve who runs Afghanistan. The Taliban will end up ruling Afghanistan. In that case, what is the point of an agreement? We could withdrawal troops at any time without an agreement.

  28. I hope our special forces can heal and restructure for the next conflict. They shouldn’t have been left out there in the first place.

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