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A wool spinner raises donations of about two million dollars … thanks to Bernie Sanders’ glove

US Senator Bernie Sanders may not be a fashion icon that people follow in her footsteps, but the glove with which he appeared during President Joe Biden’s inauguration made requests for his likeness heaped on a woolen hook in Vermont, which helped her collect charitable donations close to two million dollars .

During the party, Sanders was wearing a muzzle, wearing a recycled wool coat and glove, and sat wrapped in heavy clothes to protect him from the cold.

Sanders’s body did not pass compared to the traditional uniforms worn by those around him. Some merged his image with an endless number of scenes of history, art and popular culture.

And Jane Ellis, the teacher who gave the glove to Sanders, was flooded with requests for a match, so Ellis suggested contacting a flirtation called Liz-Anne College who was teaching her daughter 10 years ago.

Coolidge (53 years), whose small company (From This to That) produces goods from recycled materials, promised to “spin 100 gloves with a pair sold for $ 200 and part of the proceeds go to charities to provide food.” Vermont, and within one day, she had orders for 100 gloves.

But Coolidge told Reuters the gloves for sale may not look exactly the same as Sanders’ glove. “Remember it is made of used sweaters,” she added.

The money you raise will be added to charitable donations raised from similar ideas. A Texas artist raised $ 40,000 for Meals on Wheels, an association that sponsors seniors, when he auctioned a sanders crochet doll at the inauguration.

And other similar-inspired merchandise – including shirts, jackets, and stickers with the iconic Sanders picture – raised $ 1.8 million for Mills on Wheels and other associations.

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