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A year on the Doha agreement … 6 questions summarize the peace process in Afghanistan

The agreement gave Washington and its NATO allies the opportunity to get out of Afghanistan without casualties

The uniqueness of the Doha agreement between the Taliban and the United States does not seem only because it was signed on February 29, a date that will only be repeated once every 4 years, but also in the fact that Washington and its NATO allies gave it what they were unable to militarily, which is an opportunity Exit from Afghanistan without human losses within a whole year, for the first time since foreign forces entered the country in 2001.

What is the Doha Agreement and what are its most important provisions?

According to the official text published on the State Department website, it is a bilateral agreement that brought together the Taliban and the United States of America and was reached after a course of negotiations that lasted for years, which ended with the signing of it on February 29, 2020 in Doha, under Qatari sponsorship and with a large international presence.

The agreement, with its most important provisions, stipulates that the Taliban should stop launching any military operations against US forces and their allies on Afghan soil and sever their ties to Al Qaeda, in addition to starting peace negotiations with the Afghan government, in exchange for the gradual withdrawal of these forces within 14 months from the date of signing the agreement and removing the names of their leaders from The blacklist, and therefore May 1, 2021, is the deadline for implementing a full withdrawal.

Where is the Afghan government from the agreement?

The government of Ashraf Ghani was not a party to the signing of the agreement, and at the time it considered that the administration of former US President Donald Trump ignored its observations and demands, but the agreement included a clause to start negotiations between the Taliban and the Afghan government in exchange for the latter’s release of thousands of the movement’s fighters.

The first round of negotiations actually began in September 2020, but its second round faltered in light of disagreements over the negotiation agenda between the government and the Taliban.

The Afghan government was not a party to the Doha agreement, but it engaged in negotiations with the Taliban, which later faltered in light of the differences (Reuters)

What is the Taliban’s position on the agreement a year after its signing?

The Taliban puts a number of observations on Washington’s failure to continue releasing the remaining detainees held by its allies in the Afghan government, in addition to not removing the names of the movement’s leaders from the blacklist. But it says, according to the director of its political office, that it is a historic opportunity and no departure from it can be accepted. For peace.

The Taliban considers that the Ashraf Ghani government wants to use the change of the US administration to add or amend clauses in the agreement to serve its interests.

Why did the Biden administration raise confusion about its position on the deal?

The data that clarify the broad heading set by the administration of US President Joe Biden for its strategy in Afghanistan has not yet emerged. It confirms that it is committed to the path of peace and support it, and this is attached to its intention to review the agreement without detail, whether that review is related to the military presence of US forces and the extent of their commitment to the deadline for withdrawal or Regarding dealing with the Taliban as another party to the agreement.

The last NATO meeting in mid-February did not resolve the issue of the withdrawal of foreign forces from Afghanistan on the specified date (French)

Until the meeting of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) in mid-February, Washington did not push to add more details about its current address regarding Afghanistan.

Why is the Afghan government “happy” with him and criticizing him at the same time?

The Afghan president did not hide what he described as “happiness” by changing the way Washington deals with his government through intense diplomatic contact, which resulted in more than 4 contacts by the US foreign and defense ministers with him to discuss the peace track and the Doha agreement.

This happiness is matched by statements and harsh criticism of the agreement and one of its parties (the Taliban). The Afghan National Security Council considers that the agreement protected American soldiers, but left the door open for the Taliban to launch attacks on Afghan forces.

Why is the stage the agreement is going through is delicate and sensitive?

Officially, neither of the parties (the Taliban and the United States) have proposed any change in the terms of the Doha agreement so far, and the agreement, according to what was published by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, does not refer to a ceasefire between the government and the Taliban, but rather calls for a reduction in violence in addition to advancing the peace process.

While Washington remains the point of the solution and the contract now, if it proceeds with the implementation of the agreement as it is, the Taliban want to proceed. And if it changes the first clauses under the heading of “review,” the scenarios may open new chapters for the war in Afghanistan again.

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