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Accused of torturing Britons … the Inspector General of the Emirates Police is a catastrophic choice for the leadership of Interpol

British journalist Stephen Auburn said that the news reports – that Major General Ahmed Nasser Al Raisi, Inspector General of the UAE Police, to head the International Criminal Police Organization (INTERPOL) in an election to be held during the organization’s general assembly in December – are alarming.

In an article on the British Middle East Eye website, the writer indicated that Al-Raisi was accused of overseeing the torture of British citizens who were arrested and tortured in the UAE. They are the British academic Matthew Hedges, and Ali Ahmed, who was arrested for several weeks and tortured for wearing a shirt bearing the name of Qatar while attending a match. for football.

According to the article, the UAE is accused of misusing the system of Red Notices issued by INTERPOL, which is a request directed to law enforcement agencies around the world to locate criminals fleeing justice in their countries, and to arrest them temporarily, pending their extradition to their countries or legal action against them.

The UAE has used “Red Notices” against people who owe debts to UAE banks, and many foreigners living in this country have found themselves vulnerable to prosecution by Interpol as a result of commercial disputes and minor misdemeanors such as bounced checks and credit card debts.

According to the Interpol website, the crimes that warrant the prosecution of the perpetrator with red notices are usually murder, rape, sexual abuse of children, or armed robbery, and INTERPOL issues such notices at the request of a member country, and these notices should comply with the basic law and regulations of INTERPOL. .

Abuses and torture
The writer pointed out that Hedges, a doctoral student at the University of Durham in Britain, who was arrested at Dubai Airport in May 2018 on suspicion of spying for British intelligence, says that he was tortured and held in solitary confinement for several months, and he was given a set of drugs to help him resist panic attacks.

Hedges told the British newspaper The Telegraph that as the Inspector General of the UAE Ministry of the Interior, Al-Raisi is responsible for managing the security forces in the country and was “ultimately responsible for my torture and detention.”

Ahmed (the other British citizen) also accuses the UAE candidate for the presidency of INTERPOL of being responsible for his arrest and torture in the UAE last year. In a statement he made to the Telegraph, he said, “I cannot believe that I need to ask an international police organization like Interpol not to elect the person responsible for my torture as the head of their organization.”

The winner of the organization’s presidency will be announced at the Interpol General Assembly next December, which will be held in the UAE, and according to the article, there is news that Al Raisi (the current member of the Interpol Executive Committee) is the favorite candidate.

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