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Afghanistan: ISIS claims suicide bombing in Kabul, the Taliban and the government alternate attacks

Today, Saturday, the Islamic State group, in a statement posted on the Telegram app, claimed responsibility for a suicide bombing that targeted an educational center in the Afghan capital, Kabul, killing at least 13 people and wounding dozens, according to Afghan officials.

Interior Ministry spokesman Tariq Aryan quoted security guards as saying that the perpetrator of the attack, who detonated explosive devices in the street in front of the Kawthar Danesh Educational Center, had been identified.

A spokesman for the Ministry of Health said that 13 bodies were recovered from the site of the attack, and 30 people were wounded and taken to hospitals, adding that the number of victims may increase.

The attack took place in an area west of Kabul, inhabited by many Shiites, who represent a minority in Afghanistan, and had previously been subjected to similar attacks.

On the other hand, a Taliban spokesman denied on Twitter that the movement was responsible for this attack, which came at a sensitive time when the Afghan parties were meeting in the Qatari capital, Doha, in pursuit of a peace agreement, and with the United States continuing to withdraw its forces from the country.

Nimroz Territory

On the other hand, an official in Nimroz province, southwestern Afghanistan, announced today, Saturday, that Taliban militants killed 6 policemen who were guarding one of the country’s major irrigation dams.

A spokesman for the local police chief said that 3 others were wounded in the attack, which occurred late Friday in Sharpolak district, and described the incident in Kabul as a “terrorist attack.”

The Kaman Khan Dam is located near the Iranian border, and was a source of tension between the two neighbors, and in 2017 President Ashraf Ghani committed to ending the days of free flow of water between the two countries.

Earlier, Afghan officials accused Tehran of trying to sabotage the construction of the third phase of the dam, including using Taliban militants to help obstruct the project.

The attack comes at a time when 20 soldiers were killed on Friday, after the Taliban took control of their point in Nimroz province as well.

On the other hand, the Afghan Ministry of Defense announced that 95 Taliban militants were killed in air strikes carried out by Afghan forces in separate states of the country.

The Afghan Ministry of Defense said that the raids were in self-defense, and to repel Taliban attacks.

Two explosions in Ghazni

Today, Afghan police announced that 9 civilians were killed, including 3 women, and two police officers were wounded in the explosion of two successive bombs in Ghazni province, east of the country.

District Police spokesman Ahmed Khan said that the first explosion occurred after a bus carrying a group of civilians had passed by in a suburb of Ghazni, and the second blast came minutes later, causing a detonation of an armored police vehicle, wounding two police officers.

He pointed out that the explosions occurred on a main road linking the capital, Kabul, with the southern and western provinces.

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