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African swine fever outbreak reported in western Poland

African swine fever outbreak reported in western Poland

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  1. That’s what happens when you have 100s of animals packed in a vile, dirty closed space. Dose them with antibiotics everyday and that’s a recipe for megadiseases.

  2. All we need now is a Carrington Event and we’ll have successfully time traveled

  3. >“China is still having very, very serious problems with African swine fever and the government has done absolutely nothing that has been effective,” said Wayne Johnson, a veterinarian at farm services company Enable Agricultural Technology Consulting, who is based in Beijing.

    >“They could have stopped it early but they did nothing,” said Johnson. “They even forbade people to test for it. There are pigs going to the slaughterhouse every day with ASF. They don’t clean the trucks. The local governments refused to diagnose it as African swine fever, because if they did, they would have to pay an indemnity since the law is that they now have to pay if the farm has ASF.”

    This starts to look to me as chinese traditional handling of viruses.

  4. Poland is really not able to get a hold of the swine fever. There have been multiple outbreaks since the start of 2019 and the German pork industry has been getting nervous from the get go. They installed fences to stop wild boars at the german-polish boarder last year but there is only so much they can do.

  5. Eh, just dump them by the millions in ditches just like with the last outbreak… swine flu was it? Who cares.

  6. Nature is starting to catch up on the last couple hundred years of unrelenting population growth. I think the Coronavirus, aside from its own danger, has exposed how vulnerable we have become.

    Monocultures subjectivity to disease has been a talking point for some time, but we’ve largely ignored our own precarious situation. Most of us live packed into dense urban communities dependant upon on-demand supply chains for survival.

    We are sitting ducks if something more heinous upset the balance than what we have now.

  7. I am going to bury stone slabs with conflicting versions of history to confuse alien historians. It seems by December, I need to finish my project.

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