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After 4 decades, Tom Hanks surprises his audience with the first “Western” movie in his history

A new surprise, and of a special kind, was the audience of world star Tom Hanks as soon as they watched the first teaser for his new movie, which will be titled “News of the World”. Everyone was surprised that Hanks played a “Western” action tournament, a precedent of its kind in his 4-decade career.

Western drama, or “Western,” is a type of novel that was written primarily in the latter half of the nineteenth century in the western United States, and was called “the old west.” Her stories are generally about the life of a cowboy or an armed fighter.

Recurring characters include cowboys, Native Americans, Spaniards, Mexicans, bandits, lawmen, outlaws and gamblers. The ambiance usually punctuates levels of Western music, including American and Spanish Mexican folk music such as country music and Native American music.

The movie “World News” is based on a novel of the same name written by novelist and poet Paulette Giles, which was previously published in 2016, before Paul Greengrass decided to convert it into a cinematic work written and directed by him, assigning its starring to both Tom Hanks and the German child Helena Zingel.

What is “home”?

Hanks described his character in his upcoming movie, saying, “I love listening to a great story just as much as I like telling it, and that’s why I was so excited to play Captain Jefferson Kyle Kidd. He is witty, enthusiastic, passionate, and noble, and he’s always impressed with the pursuit of the truth.”

Hanks plays the role of a veteran warrior who participated in 3 wars, to follow him during the work 5 years after the end of the civil war, as he travels between countries to hear news of presidents and kings to their inhabitants and many adventures, disasters and other stories that took place in the world.

However, his destiny does not soon intersect with that of the 10-year-old girl, Joanna, who was taken by the Kiowa 6 years ago and brought up among him as one of them, although in fact she does not belong to him.

Here, Jefferson decides to accompany her to return to her aunt and uncle, the original against her will, through a journey in the wilderness during which the heroes face many unexpected challenges, whether due to the amazing forces of nature or barbaric human violence, at a time when each of them redefines his personal and private place that deserves to be given the title homeland.

The winning equation

Without a doubt, awarding the starring role of any work to a star the size of Tom Hanks raises the bar on the expectations of the public and critics alike, and promises a series of nominations for the most important artistic awards. However, there are other promising factors, the first of which is that the novel quoted by the work achieved tremendous success at the time of its publication and remained for quite a while at the top of the lists of best-selling books, which heralds an attractive dramatic plot and has its followers.

The second is that the writer and director of the work Paul Greengrass is the same one who directed for Hanks the movie “Captain Phillips”, which in 2014 was nominated for 6 Oscars and 4 Golden Globe Awards, and won one British BAFTA award out of a total of 9 nominations.

The most recent of which is attributing the composition of the film’s soundtrack to the composer and music producer James Newton Howard, who is considered one of the most famous soundtrack composers in the cinema even that he was nominated for 8 Oscars, the last of which was in 2009 for the movie “Defiance”, in addition to being nominated for several Golden Awards British Globe and BAFTA, winning an Emmy award.


American West flavor

It is noteworthy that “Universal Pictures” studios decided to release the movie “News of the World” on December 25, in conjunction with birthdays and public holidays at that time, which could give the work a great opportunity to be viewed by moviegoers, especially after the outbreak of the Corona virus. Negatively, the fate of many other artworks, whether released earlier this year, or even those whose makers were forced to postpone them for fear of heavy material loss.

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